Sep 2, 2012



HAPPY BIRTHDAY LOVE. My baby is having a birthday last week! Yeay! And btw, how's you guys doing?? Sorry for long time no posting, I just get back from my vacation in Bali! So satisfactory, so amazing holiday to chill out around the island, playing with animals, relaxing at the beach, to relieve the stresses! I will, sure I will share it to all of you how's my vacation! Just keep waiting! :D

There, there, the pictures of Ron's birthday day (look at his face when he opened my gift! Haha so excited), we celebrated in a fine way, we eat cake, and we cooked (again), and he says it was Mexican (again) lol. Here's the pictures for the ingg and the yummy chicken! :3 (Ps: I'm only using a butter, not an oil!)



Bon Appetit!

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