Jan 19, 2015


SIGH. That's how I expressing myself, so freakin lazy at my office, first day. first monday, back to work after 3 months break. Hah. Miss my little dude already. *sadface*

Back to my outfit. I wore this look last Saturday while first time go on a Saturdate-night with Ron. I'm wearing black zipper top from @Runway_id and pants from @CocoPinkLabel. I'm so into this kind of pants lately, too comfy! Paired it up with my heels from Zara, which I rarely wear before, which, I rarely wear heels lately. But hey, now I'm back hugging my heels! Just wait! Lol.

Well I think that's all for today, Have to go back working my ass off now, 'till the next post, and Happy Monday-post from your babe! xx

Jan 12, 2015


BLACK FTW! How's your weekend? I'm back with my Monday-post! Keep busy-ing myself drooling all over baby-stuff online shop on the entire internet lately. Trying to dress my little dude with rock-and-roll baby themes. Lol. I just can't keep calm. I should really control my credit card tho. Ha!

Beside that, I got another cool tee from Limaramo Cloth and I loveee it! These pics show itself, which I got mine, one size bigger than my usual size for creating an oversized look. Wore this on my Saturdate with Ron, which I'm quite rarely go on saturdate since my little dude pop out 2 months ago.  It's so hard when I tried to leave him just to go on date with Ron, even for a sec! But well, sometimes I need some extra break tho. A little young-married-couple-date won't hurt, lol.

That's all for today! Enjoy the shots, 'till the next post! Happy Monday-post! xx


Jan 5, 2015


BASIC TEE. I've always love basic tee like I wear it here. Like, simple tee, with simple but eye-catchy prints or words like this, plus, it came with black and white. Mono ftw! I've got this cool tee from Limaramo Cloth. It came in unisex size, so yes boys, it's not just for the girls! You can go straight to their website: www.limaramocloth.com, for more cool and sharp design.

So, for creating another lazy-basic-to-go look, I paired this rawk tee with my new cut-out shoes from Pershoenalize. If you guys following my instagram, you knew that I've already share a little tutorial-video about creating your own shoes on Pershoenalize website. (Not yet? Feel free to follow me here: @czles) Pershoenalize is a place that you can design your own shoes, and having it! How cool is that? You can look from their name, "pershoenalize" which means you can custom / mix-matching the look, the fabrics, and even sole for creating your dream shoes. Well, that's what I love about it. You can see the video-tutorial from my instagram, below, or simply checking their website: www.pershoenalize.com.

Well, that's a wrap for today-post! Hope you enjoy the shots and 'till the next post! Happy Monday-post! xx