Dec 22, 2014


ALWAYS MY FAVOURITE. Yes, Black never go wrong, Black never fails. I think most of my outfit colour in this blog were dominated by this colour. Because, yes, you look skinnier, sometimes you look taller, there's so many advantages I think, that's why I love this colour so dan much. Whatever, I guess I'm just bluffing around, because I don't know what I have to write right now, so freakin' lazy.

Well, go on to my outfit. This, was I wore last wednesday to iFashionFestival 2014, it's literally a Fashion Show by Indonesian Top Designer, also, there were other country too. This event also dedicated to #MNCFashion channel 2nd anniversary, so, Happy Anniverssary MNCFashion!

I was wearing my new @Runway_id Mesh Tee in Black. So in love with this one! Told' ya', black makes you skinnier sometimes, and this one, works! Lol. Paired it up with my old skirt and blazer, also, my new Zara bag! So I hope you guys enjoy the shots. That's all for to today! 'Till' the next post, Happy Monday-post! xx

Dec 10, 2014


MORE TARTAN. I guess since I'm back blogging, my post is always a Wednesday-post, lol. You know, I have to be sneaky to get a chance to touch my laptop, because I don't want to wake my dude up! Ah, these newly motherhood life....

Never go wrong with tartan shirt, right? Sometimes I just add it to complete my outfit, tight it up upon my waist, and I'm ready to go! So here, I'm wearing my new slit-sleeves top (well, not sure about what its name, lol) which I got it from online-thrifting, mix it with my leather shorts, again, because you already know why. And yes, my tartan shirt! Sometimes it gives you a cool effect/layers for your look.
Well that's for today, gotta go now! 'Till the next post, Happy Wednesday-post! xx

Dec 3, 2014


SHEER ORGANDY SKIRT. Okay, first, I'm getting mad at myself, I still can't fit any of my denim shorts, seriously, also my thigh look likes a junk-food-drumstick, still pinching myself right now. Thigh oh thigh, Y U NO GETTING SLIMMER?

Besides my sadness drumstick story, I presents to you another skirt, (yes, I can't wear my shorts, for now, sooo frustrating) I got this lovely floral sheer organdy skirt from NY59 store.You can look how beautiful the floral pattern inside the organdy fabric, you know I'm not that flower pattern fans, but this one came with black, so, yes, an exception. I also got their black criss cross sandal, which is so darn comfortable! Healing my legs after walking with those heeled-boots. So, I can wear it everyday, happy girl!

Well then, hope you guys enjoy the shots and I'm so sorry for the low quality photos this time, which I just got realized it after the shots, and my little dude already looking for me, so, yes, that's an excuse, lol. *wink*. You can go to their website for the better picture! Now off! 'Till the next post and Happy Wednesday-post! xx

Nov 26, 2014


FINALLY I'M HERE. Yes, finally an outfit post for you! It feel like ages since my latest outfit post, right? I miss blogging, I miss writing things, I miss dressing-up, I miss bloggers life, lol. I wasn't able to attend some of many events during my pregnancy back then, I was just attend a few, really, and I was ridiculously envy my blogger fellas, Seriously! But now I'm trying to comeback!

So, I'm back with a comfy casual look for my comeback (seriously, it's getting weirder to say 'comeback' over again now, I feel like I'm a kpop artist or something). Anyway, I finally get myself a presents after not taking any for the past few months. Just got my slip on, on! Zara surely know me so well, they never failed treating me. *happyface* Wore it with Ron's shoulder patch sweater and my Forever21's faux leather shorts (how I miss this shorts!!) Also, my new Mixty Fox clutch by Odioli. Another monochromatic!

Well, better off now, my little dude is waking up soon! So happy to be back, 'till the next post! Happy Wednesday-post! xx

Nov 19, 2014


HELLO! My little dude says hi to all of you out there! Well first of all, I'm so sorry I'm not taking any outfit shots for ages, seriously I really look like a hippo and I don't really get that much intention to do that, even once. Hell yes, gained almost 20kgs from my usual weight, I think I better lay on my bed than try to look slimmer on cameras. Lol.

Jun 30, 2014


HAPPY. I don't even know what to say in this post. Honestly, I don't even think I will post this on my blog, at the first time, but now you see I already change my mind. So yes, I'm pregnant now. Actually, I'm 5month plus plus (almost 6mo) preggo already. So many people were concern about this. Some asking and some just 'guessing', especially on my account. I don't want people think that I'm hiding my marriage status either my pregnancy, you see I always with my husband when attending fashion event and a lot of my blogger friends already know about this. Well for you whose only 'guessing', let me clear this now. I'm already and legally married last November, even I haven't share it on my blog (but if you look closely and follow my activity, there was me, as a bride, wearing the same flower crown with the one I wore here, at one of my photos on my instagram). Just because I'm young and had big belly already, it seriously doesn't mean that I'm 'accidentally married'. So, for you, you, or you who think that way, you can count for yourself, but thank you so much for your concern. Happy to know there's a lot of people care about me tho. Lol.

Jun 25, 2014


FLOUNCING SKIRT. I know, I know, I'm not a good blogger for these past few weeks. So sorry! But you know, I'm still quite active by attending fashion events and sharing my routines on my instagram. Please! Feel free to follow: @czles. :D

So as I said before, yes, skirt. Told ya' there will be another skirt! This one I got here is from Persunmall. I just love it as quick as I look upon their website. Come on, who doesn't? This flouncing skirt looks so great when you put it on, plus, it also looks so darn great to combine with any top. That's why I love it sooo much! Even it's a skirt, (though I don't wear skirt too much) this one is an exception because it's black! Lol. You know I don't do light color too much. Plus! The skirt was not the only thing, I also got this lovely sunnies from Persunmall! This Stylish Flip Round Sunglasses really made a little bit of Gaga look, don't you think?

Well I hope you guys enjoy the shots and 'till the next post (I'll share some surprise! Can you guess? I'm so excited tho I was a little confused for the first time, whether I should tell you guys or not, but it decided now! I hope you guys as excited as I am!) Happy Wednesday-post! xx

Jun 2, 2014


CROP TOP AND SKIRT. There's soooo much skirt inside my wadrobe these days, seriously and I already feel a little stuck, like, how am I going to wear these pieces? You know, I'm not that kind of 'skirt' person. I miss my leather shorts and studs. Duh.

So, these two I wore here, are from Chlorine Clothe. If you guys (esp. Indonesian ppl) were seriously-instagram-ers-and-love-to-shop, I bet you guys already knew about this brand. Chlorine sells so many custom-made outfit, like top, skirt, even dress. Great fabric and great quality. I knew it so well, because the owner itself was my college friend, and I knew that she's the talented person, which her work result are always came so neat. She gave me these two set of crop top and midi skirt, I pick the white one and the leopard one (my favorite!).

Since I've already felt a little lost, I think I have dressed up slightly deviated from how I used to (come on, I even grab out my heels again, that I haven't wear again like ages), but well, I think a little bit wont kill and make you guys leaving me, or, are you? Lol. I think I started to lost my writing skill too, so before it happen, I hope you guys enjoy all the shots and 'till the next post (a little surprise!), Happy Monday-post! xx

May 19, 2014


SWEATSHIRT. Oh my, hello! It's been a month? I guess, it's been ages since I put my latest word on this blog. I'm having such a busy (and laziest) month back then, like, seriously! I've missed my daily outfit shots and just feel soooo darn lazy to play with my outfit. Forgive me, now I'm back to the business!

Here again, me with my simple-lazy outfit. Take this outfit shots yesterday, I wore my super comfy smoke sweatshirt from SheInside. I love SheInside! Totally in love with! Loving the not-so-thick but comfy fabric they've used. So comfortable for my lazy-day routine, plus, because I've ordered it one size bigger than my size, so I can have a little, yet not-so-oversized effect. Since the smoke print here already turns out to be such a cool detail it-self, I just paired it with my faux leather short and boots. You don't have to try so hard because it's sweatshirt! That's why I love it! Who's agree with me? Go check their website then: Lol. Well, enjoy the shots and 'till the next post! Happy (finally) Monday-post! xx

Apr 7, 2014


TWO WAYS. I'm not a skirt a person, especially, long skirt. I'd rather go with my shorts/ripped jeans for my daily routines. Since I'm not that kind of sweet ladylike person tho. But then, I saw these 2 black cuties on Ghaida Shop account on instagram (@ghaidashop), and I just seriously can't resist. And that's why I'm posting 2 looks wearing a different type of long skirt, in a different style, but yes, on black and white theme of course. Who's with me?

For the first look, well, my favorite. I matched this chiffon skirt with simple cropped tee and a fake leather cap, instead of those kind of floppy hat (besides I don't have it, I think cap sometimes suits me more, lol). Again with my glass-boots and yes, my first look is complete! Click the jumpbreak and scroll for more!

Apr 2, 2014


MINT AND BABY BLUE. I am so crazy about these colors right now! Spring, pastel, baby blue, mint green, white, those things are just cute to be true. I love the fact that those colors made some sweets and warmy effect on every details. It just so perfect.

When I was browsing through SheInside website, I just found so many minty-greeny-bluey products, that I just couldn't resist. Like those coats on the picture below, like those lovely sweater too. I may not the lovely girl type, but hey, when it came to these lovable colors, you guys just can't stop saying yes yes yes, right? Lol. IKR.

Well then, I made you guys 3 collage of my favorites things from SheInside, take a look and drool more! 'Till the next post, Happy Wednesday-post! xx

Mar 27, 2014


PLAID DRESS. I feel like I'm a little lost when I took these picture, lol. Maybe gain a little weight is one of the problem here, is like my height doesn't want me to gain weight anymore, seriously. But well, gonna have to trough it anyway. *positiveminds* So, how's you guys doing? I know I have missed my Monday-post again, but I came back anyway, who's with me?

Because I feel like a shorty-giant cupcakes, I need to show more legs! (And hiding my cupcake details, ehm.) Mission was accomplished, because I seriously can't resist this lovable plaid dress from Persunmall.This Retro British Style Plaid Dress from Persunmall is such a cutie! I'm in love with the print quality, the cuts, and the shape. Plus, I love the neck-to-bottom zipper details on the back, so creative. Matched up with my bag (also from Persunmall) and black boots. I'm definitely a Persunmall girl! Lol. Well, enjoy the shots, 'till the next post, and Happy Thursday-post! xx

Mar 19, 2014


COAT ALL THE WAY. I know I've been missing from these blogosphere lately, just forgive me, somethings just going on and on, but I think in a good way. Also, there's something new going on with me and Ron. and I know it'll be headed into a great life for us. I know you guys will noticed it sooner or later, because it is something that I couldn't hide for too long. Something is going on with my body, can you guess? Lol.

Though it'll never wintery here in Jakarta, doesn't mean you can't have any lovable coat, don't you think? Well, you can save them for your holiday and overseas, right? So, that's why I can't resist this lovable wool blend coat from SheInside. I love it too much! I love the thick fabric on it, you know, when you go overseas and it feel like minus degrees, you will never want some thin fabric on your one and only coat, would you? That's why I'm in love with this one. Plus, this coat have a detachable fur hood on it, protecting you from cold indeed. Can't get any happier, right?

For this post, I matched the coat with my new sweater from Dyn Shop (on instagram: @dynshop / @dynshopkatalog_), super duper comfy! (Looks like I'm trying to make one winter outfit here, lol.) Paired it up with my quilted skirt from Persunmall, plus, black boots, black bag and black beanie. Just trying to make it more wintery, see? Well, enjoy the shots and Happy Wednesday-post, 'till the next post! xx

Mar 3, 2014


MIDI SKIRT. When the last time I wore skirt like this? Well, for the record, also for the truth, I haven't wear something like this. I feel is too creepy for me. Lol. I'm afraid I will looking like a short and giant marshmallow. Hah! But then, this skirt I got from LO was totally changed my mind about that. I was not a giant marshmallow at all. The net details are the first thing I adore the most about this skirt (besides the color and also the fabrics of course) the net details also make the skirt look not-to-girly or something. It keeps me stand out in the middle with my personal style. How cool is that?

LO is an Indonesian brand created by a young talented lovely girl, Lovita Hilman. Not only lovely, she's just too kind to be true. What I love the most about LO is the fact that this brand is an Indonesian, lol. Another successful Indonesia's brand that ships worldwide. I also love the collections, it's classic yet not-to-heavy-girly at the same time. Curious enough? Click:

Along the skirt, the beanie I wear here is also from LO. I'm seriously loving it fabrics.  So warm and so comfy to wear. I grab mine in black, but it also come in grey and maroon, too confusing to choose one. Lol. Complete the whole look with crop top and boots, and it's me again. Enjoy the shots and Happy Monday-post! xx

Feb 26, 2014


SHOES! You guys know how mush I'm obsessed with shoes, right? So here I am! Me and RoseWholesale team will definitely giving you, one lucky winner, one pair of shoes from! How awesome is that? Even I'm too excited about this.

You guys remember my stripes shoes (photo below) from my "Stay The Night" article, right? Yes, you guys already know that awesome stripes shoes I've got from RoseWholesale is a lover! So what are you waiting for? You guys want some too, right? Click the jumpbreak, Read More to know more!

Feb 17, 2014


PARENTAL ADVISORY. I'm just being a lazy and not-so-busy blogger last week, seriously, that's why there's no post last week. I'm still lazy now tho. It's Fashion Week season already, NY has already past and there's London, but I'm so freakin' lazy to do some recap (which I'm usually workin' my ass of for some great fashion week recap), I've just got distracted by all of Korean Dramas. Too busy buffering on internet, too busy drooling all over the story. Gosh, I must be insane.

Okay, for this week Monday-post, I'm wearing my new coolest top ever from @jessnasthasja (check her out on instagram!), Indonesia's online shop on Instagram comunity. This Wang inspired top is seriously cool, I love the mesh details and those fleece fabric accent is really a perfect combination. *happy* Matched my top with my all-time Forever 21 leather jacket and white short from ABOCS, then grab my wedges-boots. Also, combine all items with my new dice necklace and black backpack from Mart Of China (I love this backpack so much!) and there's the look! Hope you enjoy the photos and I'll come back with (I hope I'm not too lazy, lol) my FW recap and (yes!) an international giveaway for all of you my readers! It's been a long time, right? Just wait and 'till the next post! Happy Monday-post! xx

Feb 6, 2014


STRIPES 2 POINT 0. "Are you gonna stay the night..." No, Hayley's voice is staying not only for the night, but for months. I've always being paralyzed by her voice. Seriously. I love her so much! No doubt. (Too excited...) Well then, I know I missed my Monday-post this week, and here I am, showing you another look, while flooding is going back to hit Jakarta once again (seriously, I'm tired and sick of this over and over and over rains... Yes. RainS.) Come on, just stahhppp rain stahhppppppp.....

Besides my frustrating feeling about this sky waterfall, let's talk about my outfit now. I got another new shoes (and bag!) *yeay me!* These babies showed up on my doorstep, (when it's not flooding of course) last week. I couldn't be more happier when I open up this RoseWholesale package. The shoes is just perfectly same as my fantasy. I love it too much! I really in love with it's stripes prints. Who's not? Plus, they gave me another lover. You guys knew how much I love mini bag, since it so easy to carry on. This mini black bag showed up perfectly wrapped along with the shoes. Couldn't be more happier with RoseWholesale, right?

For you guys who doesn't know about RoseWholesale, let me tell you this. RoseWholesale is a leading international online fashion clothing store. They sell a lot of great stuff with an affordable prices. From women's clothes to men's clothes, to jewelry, bag, and of course, shoes. I find it interesting when I take a look at their product, I think they a little different from another wholesale webstore. I love their website look which making us very easy to 'eye-shopping' on their website, and of course, you will not regret when your package arrived at your doorstep, like me! Lol.

I think I've talk too much here, I'm always that excited I guess, lol. Well, I hope you guys enjoy the shots and don't forget to go to their website: 'Till the next post, Happy Thursday-post! xx

Jan 30, 2014


PERFECT COMFY DRESS. Yes, it's been raining, literally, everyday, here in Jakarta and areas around Jakarta also. You know, I hate rain so much. Like, I can't take any outfit post without any worries when the skies just eventually getting dark and darker. Like, I can't wore any summery outfit since it's getting so cold day by day. Like, I hate getting wet when I ran into my car. Like, geez, it's flooding again and again. Seriously. Rain, just stahpppppp! Jakarta's keep getting worse. Sigh.

Thankfully, last week, this package showed up! My new dress from Persunmall. Can't get any happier. This dress is just perfect for Jakarta's weather these days. It keep me so warm that I can even wore it to sleep. Lol. Match my Persunmall lovable dress with Persunmall crossbody bag (how I love Persunmall!) also my all-time-favorite boots from Sammydress. Plus, I just got my new Globus Bracelet from S_Minkish, and there's no reason to not loving it! Just hoping that the rain will (seriously) turning off! Click! Now getting ready for CNY's eve (you guys can follow my daily updates on instagram: @czles.) Enjoy the shots and Happy Thursday! 'Till the next post! xx

Jan 27, 2014


TRANSPARENT SNEAKERS. HA! Feels like ages since the last time I post my latest blog. How's you guys doing? Yes, I've already back from my getaway with Ron, and guess what? I got sick every single day there, and just got better on the day we were leaving. Great. I was super excited on the first day and bang! I got fever on my first night. I've ate 7 Panadol tablets (3 type of Panadol!!) for just 3 days. Seriously. I've never been like that kind of person before. So frustrating. *sigh* Also, on the day we were heading back to Jakarta, guess what? More surprise. Jakarta was on flood! I can't take any outfit post. Such a pity. *more sigh*

One thing that excite me enough (beside going to safari and universal of course) was I can go a little shopping to Forever 21, and yes, when I said  'a little', that's seriously just a little. Thanks to 4 days Singapore dizzy and 7 Panadol tablets, I just go shopping on my first day. The result? I love my new muscle tee! Like, can't get my eyes off from Mr. Einstein words. "Gravitation is not responsible for people falling in Love." Werk!

Anyway. when I was sick in Singapore and Jakarta's was on flood, this package was came. A pair of cool transparent sneakers wedges from ZALORA showed up. If you're an Indonesian, you guys maybe familiar with this webstore. For you who doesn't know, let me tell you. ZALORA is an online website that selling so many good stuff with a lot of brands and also, affordable prices. They're provide a free shipping to all over Indonesia's area, and also, a COD (cash on delivery) payment method (so it's easy and safe!), it's like ordering a big mac when you're hungry and feel so lazy to go out. Lol. I love exploring an online webstore that having so many brands, because you can see a lot of different (and unique) stuff without opening a lot of tabs on your computer screen, (is like Indonesia's version of Net-A-Porter or Luisaviaroma) and one thing which is so important and make me so excited about Zalora is: all brands inside Zalora is Indonesia's products, so yes, more love to local brand! So go check their website now:, and Happy Monday-post! Enjoy the shots and 'till the next post! xx

Jan 6, 2014


RAD. So, how's you guys doing? Found the excitement of this 2014 already? Hope the answer is a big yes! I'll fly to Sg next week with Ron, we're only planning a little getaway from our hectic-daily-routines for 5 days. Will definitely (hope so) shoot some outfit there! Can't wait!

Beside my excitement for my 5 days getaway, let me tell you more about SammyDress. Well, yes, I already told you before on my New Year's post about it, but I can't stop telling you more about my new favorite website. Yes, SammyDress is a global online fashion retail company. I privately adore their reasonable yet affordable prices, so much affordable. Secretly loves their Shoes section, you guys know already I'm insane about shoes, com on who doesn't? SammyDress 's Women's Shoes price is started with only $5,37. YES, Five Dollars. Who can resist that? Nobody! I personally love their boots collections, like, you see one I wear here? I freakin' love it. I can keep wearing this boots again and again, soooo easy to wear, so darn easy to walk on. Impress enough? Go to now!

Matched up this SammyDress's killer daily boots with my new killer top from Fash.Me (Indonesia's new street style brand, I totally loving the whole collections, you guys can see it trough their web and instagram, click!) and my new lovely white shorts from ABOCS. Wearing them all together (also not gonna ever forget to bring my all-time leather jacket and cap) and totally nailed it. I love the result. So me! I know you guys love 'em too. Enjoy the shots and Happy Monday-post! 'Till the next (Sg) post! xx

Jan 2, 2014


FIRST. I know it's a little late, but Merry Christmas and Happy New Year guys! It's 2014 al-rea-dehhh people! I thank all of you guys for all the support for me on 2013, still can't believe I'm enjoying this blogger world now, seriously. Now, this year, I hope I can be a better blogger for you guys (I know I would!), also, I hope this year will be better for us than last year. More happy time, more lovable time! kiss-kiss-hug-hug

Let's focus to my outfit then, 1st outfit post on 2014, yeay me! You've guys seen the teaser video on my instagram already (feel free to follow me here: @czles). Right 2 days before Christmas, I've got 2 gifts from SammyDress. SammyDress is my new favorite website. They serve a lot of great stuff with (seriously, really) an affordable prices. Not only for women, they also serve stuff for men and kids too, from outerwear to swimwear. Besides the clothing, jewelry, also accessories stuff, they also serve a lot of cute and lovable Wedding Dresses and  'Home & Living' stuff. How cool is that? Want to buy something at the very beginning of the year? Go to immediately!

Come on, who doesn't love gifts? It is Christmas after all. I opened up the box like a little kid receiving the very first Christmas present from her Santa. Then, this killer boots showed up. Seriously, deeply, in love. Followed by this comfy black sweater, and yes, just perfect. I can walking on these boots for a day, it's so easy to walk on, not even thick, not at all. Wore them with my favorite skirt at the moment and my all-time turtleneck top, and that's the look! Enjoy the photos, Happy Thursday-post, and Happy New Year once again! 'Till the next post! xx