Dec 26, 2012


RANDOM CARTOONS. Who doesn't know South Park? Well, I don't. I always love cartoon and enjoyed myself while watching it at my room. Ignored people who kept saying "What are you? A six?" when a beautiful blonde creature is singing and dancing on my tv screen (fine, it's Barbie). But, then I think, "So what? I'm 20 and I love Barbie and I love fashion." Okay, it's not really my style, like, a giant pink ball-gown with a lot of pink bow and stuff  'cause in the fact I hate pink, but when it comes to fairytale, it just blow me off. And then I just randomly found this South Park on the internet (well...) I was like, they're so cute! I recently got interested more and more, though I most seen it on 9gag, and just started to loving this small cute thing.

And so what that we have here? This total cuteness South Park dress (worn as top) from Lionel Shop, that I just picked it right away after I saw this! Paired it with my new red skirt from my online store, yeay! A bowler hat, and a golden statement from Women Airlines (okay, you might have seen this necklace, okay) and randomly found my old black vest, I wonder where this vest coming from? I just took it and voila, it matched really well, don't you think?

Oh, and anyway, I want to wishing you all a happy-happy-happy holiday, have a super great time with your family or friends. Merry Christmas fellas! Kisses! xo

Dec 18, 2012


DENIM DAY. "Hey-ho-ho-ho fellas!" (like a Santa Clauss, Christmas spirit!!) Okay, move on. How you guys doing? Not having a good-healthy sleep, literally past few days. Working in the morning until almost evening is really exhausting. Been less for going out lately, but luckily me, I always live my day with my man. How sweet he is!

So, last Sunday I can take a 'long-day' finally, hanging out at the mall, visiting the new shoe store, VNC (they have a lot of pretty amazing shoes!), and also new place, Gading Walk at Mall Kelapa Gading. If you live near here (or if you're following my new Instagram, yes, I've just created my own Instagram, so please kindly follow me!), you must've seen this huge Christmas Tree below! It so beautiful make me even excited for Christmas! Though it wasn't snowing here, but I've being felt Christmas all day. They even have a Christmas Carol, so you can enjoy your night, having a great dinner, staring at a huge yet beautiful Christmas Tree, while the choir with a santa hat is caroling Christmas for you. How can be amazing than that?

Move on to my outfit, I just wore me new denim shirt and skater skirt from my online store, Zipper&Lace. Paired it with my Zara studded ankle strap, and also my favorite necklace of the moment from Flowren. Just an amazing necklace for any event, isn't it?

Dec 11, 2012


NO WINTER. Yes, late for summer out there, but it's never gonna late for summer here in Indonesia! Jakarta esp. Geez, why why why is so freaking hot in this city? Oh, how was your weekend fellas? Been missing you guys so much! Lack of post, I know. Busy again and again to do some outfit post. *apologize*

Just throw away the winter season out there for a while and seeing the 'always-summer' in Indonesia, shall we? I'm wearing this cute bow back top (I know, this cutey thingy isn't my style, but hey, I can't resist!) and double belt skirt from my online store. Stealing stripes bag from my mom closet, grab my new Flowren necklace and the-most-comfy wedges, from UP. Go for a date with my man, movie-date, dinner, and stuff, while waiting the most lovable holiday of the year, heyy Christmas Day!!