Dec 7, 2015


Earlier this month, I got a chance to visit the hippest jewellery office, Orori. For your information, Orori is the first pioneer of the most trusted online jewellery sales in Indonesia. Like, seriously? At first, I don't even know that I can buy a 'real' gold or jewellery online. The first thing on my mind was like, is it trusted? I mean, that's a lot amount of money and I'm not the type who trust easily on an online webstore. But then, after a quick visit to their office and take a little peek to their collection, I know I can trust this one.

Established since 2004, Orori provides a lot of type of jewellery. From the wedding ring, engagement ring, necklace, bracelet, to babies earring. They’re even providing a dowry package and a gold bar. The most coolest thing is, you can even custom your own rings! How cool is that?

As I have a chance to visit their office, I had a chance to take a quick-snap of my favorites jewellery from their collection. Since I'm not the diamond-or-gold gurl type (I mean, the only accessories that I've wore daily is my engagement & wedding ring, even I'm not wearing it 'daily' since I often forget tho, lol), I've chosen this simple yet elegant diamond ring, and this simple beautiful necklace with a diamond pendant. You guys can take a look the pics below!

For more information, you can go straightly to their website, here.