Dec 7, 2015


Earlier this month, I got a chance to visit the hippest jewellery office, Orori. For your information, Orori is the first pioneer of the most trusted online jewellery sales in Indonesia. Like, seriously? At first, I don't even know that I can buy a 'real' gold or jewellery online. The first thing on my mind was like, is it trusted? I mean, that's a lot amount of money and I'm not the type who trust easily on an online webstore. But then, after a quick visit to their office and take a little peek to their collection, I know I can trust this one.

Established since 2004, Orori provides a lot of type of jewellery. From the wedding ring, engagement ring, necklace, bracelet, to babies earring. They’re even providing a dowry package and a gold bar. The most coolest thing is, you can even custom your own rings! How cool is that?

As I have a chance to visit their office, I had a chance to take a quick-snap of my favorites jewellery from their collection. Since I'm not the diamond-or-gold gurl type (I mean, the only accessories that I've wore daily is my engagement & wedding ring, even I'm not wearing it 'daily' since I often forget tho, lol), I've chosen this simple yet elegant diamond ring, and this simple beautiful necklace with a diamond pendant. You guys can take a look the pics below!

For more information, you can go straightly to their website, here.

Nov 2, 2015


MESH-SLEEVES JACKET. YOU MISS ME? Oh just say yes, please. Okay, I've just skipped blogging for almost 2 months, I guess. Seriously, I'm not taking any outfit photos either. I was just wayyyyyyyyyyyy too lazy, but I'm trying to keep my social media alive, tho. See me more on my Snapchat & Instagram under the same username: czles.

SO, got this jacket from Own Da Street for like, 4 months ago. Dammit, long enough, just realized it. Forgive me, lol. ODS is a local label under this amazing blogger buddy of mine, Putri Valentina. Of course you knew her, she's way more famous than be, lol! Anyway, I just love the jacket, it suits me well and its black. You know I'm such a black person, don't you? Ha! You guys can check their collection on their website here or their instagram here.

Oh yes, I become one of the featured blogger on's blog. I'll be giving you many information like, my outfit, fashion show reports, fashion tips, and many more. So, make sure you follow me and read my article there by clicking here!

And I guess that's all for today! Hope you enjoy the shots like you used to be. 'Till the next post and Happy Monday-post! xx

Aug 3, 2015


SHE DEVIL. My very first ever lipstick. I've never own one, I also rarely use them. Like, I don't like it, at all, I'm not a fan of red lips, and I'm not really like the feel when I used lipstick, lipbalm, or whatsoever. Until, this one. I've changed my mind. I'm trying this NYX Lip Matte Vamp Series in She Devil, that I got from Make Up Junkie Indo. I still don;t like the feel of sticky lips and I'm not getting used to it, yet. But I really really love the result on my lip, on my face actually. Lol. I guess I have a new hobbies. Dark lips kinda addictive, you knew.

For my look, I'm wearing Runway again! This time, I got their long outter in Black, definitely my fav! I've been wearing this like, several times. It bring you slimmer look. Black always cheating, right? Lol. Complete it with all black outfit to match my new look!

Well, I hope you guys love the look like I do. Oh, and yes, you guys can see this look on Lookastic, it makes you easier to find a lot of items that identical to mine. Enjoy the shots, 'till the next post, and Happy Monday-post! xx


Jul 23, 2015


SHADES OF BLUE. Yes, another electric blue, my fav blue! Still in the spirits of holiday here! Well, at least, I am. I know it's late, but, Happy Eid Al Ftr for those who celebrating! Better late than never, aight? Ahh holiday days makes me really really lazy tho. Not thinking about my work at all. Just days  fill with my little boy and korean reality show, yes, I'm one of those Kpop-ers, but believe me, I'm not 'that' freak, like, we'll, never mind. I guess I am? Am I? :/

You guys've seen what I'm wearing for today's article, aight? (It's on my instagram, yes! Not finding me yet? You guys can find me  under the username: @czles, and yes, I'm on snapchat too!) I'm wearing top from my fav Jakarta-based online label, Runway. Paired it with my ripped jeans, which I never wear before (believe me, I buy this one when I was pregnant back then). I think it's just another lazy-outfit-day, like, one jeans like this can solve any problem. Because you don't have to try hard when you wear it, I mean, just jeans, and tee, and you already get the look. That's why I love denim so much. Who's with me? *raising hands*

Enough talking, hope you guys enjoy the shots! 'Till the next post (a little hint: all-black ftw!) Happy Thursday-post! xx

Jun 29, 2015


BLACK ERRRR-THANG. Or kinda. Lol. Yes, hello again, guys! Seriously, I was so busy for these past few weeks, well, it is still now. I'm preparing something, let me give you a hint, I'm preparing my own brand, for like, finally! I've been such an busy idiotic for letting my brand takes too-easy, I mean, I just realized later that, why I have to do this thing or that thing, which, was not giving me anything, if you know what i mean, why I have to work from 9 to 5 and it keeps going that way, I feel like I'm in prison. Believe me, I was preparing to make my own brand from such a long time, but I just like, not to take that seriously, like, ohh, next time, or ohh, I can do that but I'm tired or stuff like that. And now, finally my eyes getting bigger to see that seriously, I have to take another steps. So yeah, while my body sitting for like 7-8 hours, my brain and stuff are doing another thing to make other things out! So I guess, meet me at my brands soon, yes!

Well enough for the heavy-talks. I'm back with my outfit! Here, I'm wearing my Runway_ID top, well it's kinda look like a mini-dress tho. Paired it with my leather shorts and boots. And yes, that's my look! You can take a look at Runway_ID on instagram: @Runway_ID. Well, I hope you guys enjoy the shots! Gotta go to get my baby now! Oh and yes, I'm on Snapchat and Instagram, so you guys can still lookin' for my daily activity, you guys can find me under the same username: czles. 'Till the next post, and Happy Monday-post! xx

May 27, 2015


EYES & CHAIN. Another Wednesday posting mood. How's your day going? I've been so freakin' busy these days, too much work. The perks of being a mom, a wife, and a girl. I am now working for something exciting things, which I can't wait to tell you more about it! Gonna be proud of myself if this thing going as I plan! *finger cross*

Here, I am wearing my new one-piece dress from Choies. You know, this eye-catchy-eyes-print was already goes around the trend, so now I'm giving myself a little try, and I love it! 'Been repeatedly wearing this dress all over again. Just can't get enough of it!

To complete my look, I'm wearing my new chain necklace from Bae Collection, you can find them on instagram: @baecollectionx. There's a lot of stylish yet affordable accessories, which I believe you guys gonna love it. So long wait no more and take a look!

I guess that's enough for today, hope you enjoy the shots and 'till the next post! Happy Wednesday-post! Psssttttttt, video-bonus below! xx

May 20, 2015


TEE&JEANS. Yes, I'm back with my lazy outfit, which is not so important to blog it 'but post it anyway, lol. You know, when you didn't have much time to play around inside your closet, because there's so many task to do. Or maybe didn't have that much time for just looking another outfit, so you'll only grab the one that placed at the top of your wardrobe which is the one that fresh from the laundry. Yes, those times. Everyone had it. I bet you too.

I'm wearing tee from Ghaida Project, you can find them on instagram: @ghaidaproject. The jeans is unbranded which I find inside my moms closet and I knew it because she loves diggin' thrifted things, you know, moms.... And wore this shoe again that I got from Pershoenalize not sooooooooo long ago.

Well enough bragging, and there's not much to talk about since it's just one of those simple casual jeans outfit. But I hope you enjoy the shots! You guys also can find me on social media like snapchat & instagram (under the same username: @czles), because I think I'm addicted to it, well, snapchat obviously. Lol. 'Till the next post, Happy Wednesday-post! xx

Apr 20, 2015


KARTINI'S DAY. Siapa sih yang gak kenal Raden Ajeng Kartini? Bisa dibilang R.A. Kartini merupakan one of the best female heroes in Indonesia. Beliau merupakan tokoh nasional yang sangat memperjuangkan hak wanita, khusunya dalam bidang pendidikan. Why? Karena pada saat itu merupakan hal yang sangat sulit bagi wanita Indonesia untuk menggapai ilmu & pendidikan. Dimana pada saat itu juga, Indonesia didominasikan oleh kaum pria dan tidak ada seorang perempuan pun yang boleh belajar dan meraih ilmu. Perjuangannya inilah yang disebut emansipasi wanita. So, because of her struggle back then, sekarang semua wanita Indonesia dapat mengenyam pendidikan yang sama kaum laki-laki, sehingga semakin banyak generasi wanita cerdas di Indonesia. She was born at April 21st, 1879, maka dari itu, Indonesia kini memperingati hari lahirnya sebagai one of Indonesia's National Day yang dikenal sebagai Hari Kartini. Berhubungan dengan itu, yang juga besok adalah Hari Kartini. mengadakan Female Online Festival untuk seluruh perempuan di Indonesia! Cool banget kan?

Apr 13, 2015


BLACK AND GREEN. Another tartan shirt and the one I share with you today was the one I got from DressLink. Feel unfamiliar with this online webstore? Well, let me tell you about it. DressLink is a HongKong based worldwide online fashion clothing seller with an affordable price. Like really, best price. You know we all (including me) love good stuff but we probably think twice when we sees a high price, which we all knew that maybe is not really worth it. So, when I got their mail at first and start looking at their webstore, I was like, oookaayyy, this one looks good. Now I already got their stuff, I'm not regretting at all and love to share it with all of you.

I got their Long Tartan Shirt in Green & Straps Skirt in Black. I know you guys probably seen this type of skirt like everywhere, but I never had a chance to own it. Like, so glad that I've found it when I was drooling at DressLink website, and not regretting at all. You guys must surely check them' up at for sure, maybe you'll find something you never had a chance to buy at the first time, like me! I pair it up with my fav white top from Runway_ID (seriously can't get enough of it), complete it with black beanie and boots. I love the result and I hope you will too.

Apr 6, 2015


X-RAY & PLEATS. First of all, Happy Easter, folks! I'm back with Easter spirits, also with another Choies stuff! Oh yes, besides Instagram, I'm now on Vine & Snapchat, too! Find me with the same username: czles.

For my Choies-pick this week, goes to this Mini Skirt with Structured Pleats! I'm so in love with this skirt, it came with this strong pleated structure that easily pop! when you walk or just standing on, no more additional tulle needed! Much love! Paired it along with my last-week Choies-pick, Black Felt Fedora, Bullet Necklace, and these adorable Leaf Ring Pack. You guys haven't seen it? See my post here or simply check Choies webstore. Psst, they still have some crazy-flash-sale going on!

Along with those adorable Choies stuff, here I'm wearing my Apparel After Dark X-Ray Long Sleeves Top in Black with Runway_ID White Crop Top inside. Another perfect way to wear some mesh stuff! You can find them both at instagram, here and here.

Well, enough for today, hope you enjoy the shots! 'Till the next post and once again, Happy Easter and Happy Monday-post! xx

Mar 31, 2015


CHOIES.COM. I bet you guys already knew about Choies, right? Well, no further & long explanation needed, let me tell you this for those who haven't heard about it. Choies is a global website destination for fashion-forward and to shop fashion clothing, shoes, even accessories. For me, Choies is not only like other webstore, Choies also gives fashion-inspiration look from their collections. You can find a lot of fashionable goodies. Why a lot? Because they always have a new arrival every day, yes, every day! Even better with their 'free-worldwide-shipping' method, how cool is that? They also have some sale (start from $9.90!) going on, check, check!

For my Choies pick today, here my Black Felt Fedora (which can be use for man and woman!) with my Black Longline Waistcoat, all from Choies! I paired it up with my basic turtleneck top and ripped jeans, which you can find it at Choies too, here and here. Plus, my new favorite Bullet Necklace & Leaf Rings Pack, also from Choies.

Well you guys can take a look all the shots below, hope you love Choies like I do! Enjoy the shots and 'till the next post! Happy Tuesday-post!

CHOIES Bullet Necklace & Rings Pack / MARC by MARC JACOBS Watch

Mar 9, 2015


JOGGER PANTS. Well in my case, is husband's pants, lol. I'm into jogger pants lately. It looks so comfortable enough to wear daily, and I ended up wearing Ron's, yesterday. Besides the fact that I haven't buy one for me (yet), this one got my attention because it's leather combine. No, we're not on the same size, you can see I tied the waist-bend so hard enough, to get the pants into my size, lol.

I pair Ron's H&M jogger pants with my thrifted crop tee and my current favorite Zara slogan sneakers. Been wearing this sneakers over and over again. I need more. Like,  I love wearing comfortable pieces like this lately. Yes, My comfort zone.

Well I guess that's all for today. Pordon my short-post, I just got some work to do! Hope you guys enjoy the shots and 'till the next post! Happy Monday-post! xx

Feb 23, 2015


SHADES OF GREY. No, it's not what you think it is. It's not a post about 50 Shades of Grey film. Also, I haven't watch that movie yet. Plus, it's not airing in Indonesia, either. Doh. Like, seriously?

If you guys been following my instagram: @czles. You guys know that what I wear here is what I wore on CNY day, 4 days ago. Like I said there, I don't do red for CNY, I do black, white, or maybe grey? Lol. So, I was wearing this Jersey Tied Dress from Apparel After Dark, in grey. I loooove it too much, already wore it twice, lol. I love all AAD's collection for sure. Their design suits me so well. So proud of this girl: Amelia Bunjamin. The girl behind AAD. You guys can see the whole collection on their instagram: @apparelafterdark, or their website:, also AAD's now available at! How cool is that.

I paired the whole look with my new Slogan Sneakers from my favorite Zara. Yes, I'm a Zara's freak. I seriously can't control myself when I open their website. So yes, I've lost. Someone save me.

Well I think that's all for today, hope you guys enjoy the shots and 'till the next post! Happy Monday-post! Kisses! xx

Feb 16, 2015


RIPPED JEANS 2.0. Taylor's Style song is on repeat on my playlist lately. I know there's so many ppl judging her and her song, but yes, haters gonna hate. I'm not Taylor freak or #Taysteam or whatever. I just love all of her song and she's so freakin pretty. Love her signature red lips!

Moooovin' to my outfit. First, sorry for the bad quality pics and I don;t have any excuses, so whatever. Here I'm wearing same brand as my last week post. @Runway_ID top with @Sysclothier ripped denim shorts. I'm so in love with this shorts seriously! Paired it up with my long black cardigan, because there's always one black thing on my outfit, lol. Put some bandana and my boots on, and there's one lazy-basic look!

Well that's all for today, hope you guys enjoy the shots. 3 more days to CNY and it's my first year as a mom, am so excited! 'Till the next post, Happy Monday-post! xx

Feb 9, 2015


PONYTAIL. Ariana Grande, much? Lol! I think she's so cute, really cute, so why not trying' her signature ponytail, even mine is wayyyyy to short than her. Well, hello! I'm back and stuck laying on my bed, right now, with my little dude in my arms. Heavy rain since last night and still counting, even more heavier. Jakarta's on flood. It's always flooding here right before CNY, well I guess it's a tradition now.

Enough for the rain-talk. I wore this look to my Valerie's birthday tea-party at Bradley's British Tea House, last Saturday. That Bradley's place is soooo comfy! I'm enjoying my time there with some of cute snacks and drinks, also with my blogger-babes and Ron. Recommended place to all of you here in Jakarta!

For my outfit, I wore this top that I got from @Runway_id, again, I just can't get enough of the shape. Paired it up with my new ripped jeans in my fav colour from @Sysclothier. Well, who can say no to black? Not me!

I guess that's enough for today, and 'til the next post! I hope the weather can calm for awhile. Happy Monday-post! xx

Jan 19, 2015


SIGH. That's how I expressing myself, so freakin lazy at my office, first day. first monday, back to work after 3 months break. Hah. Miss my little dude already. *sadface*

Back to my outfit. I wore this look last Saturday while first time go on a Saturdate-night with Ron. I'm wearing black zipper top from @Runway_id and pants from @CocoPinkLabel. I'm so into this kind of pants lately, too comfy! Paired it up with my heels from Zara, which I rarely wear before, which, I rarely wear heels lately. But hey, now I'm back hugging my heels! Just wait! Lol.

Well I think that's all for today, Have to go back working my ass off now, 'till the next post, and Happy Monday-post from your babe! xx

Jan 12, 2015


BLACK FTW! How's your weekend? I'm back with my Monday-post! Keep busy-ing myself drooling all over baby-stuff online shop on the entire internet lately. Trying to dress my little dude with rock-and-roll baby themes. Lol. I just can't keep calm. I should really control my credit card tho. Ha!

Beside that, I got another cool tee from Limaramo Cloth and I loveee it! These pics show itself, which I got mine, one size bigger than my usual size for creating an oversized look. Wore this on my Saturdate with Ron, which I'm quite rarely go on saturdate since my little dude pop out 2 months ago.  It's so hard when I tried to leave him just to go on date with Ron, even for a sec! But well, sometimes I need some extra break tho. A little young-married-couple-date won't hurt, lol.

That's all for today! Enjoy the shots, 'till the next post! Happy Monday-post! xx


Jan 5, 2015


BASIC TEE. I've always love basic tee like I wear it here. Like, simple tee, with simple but eye-catchy prints or words like this, plus, it came with black and white. Mono ftw! I've got this cool tee from Limaramo Cloth. It came in unisex size, so yes boys, it's not just for the girls! You can go straight to their website:, for more cool and sharp design.

So, for creating another lazy-basic-to-go look, I paired this rawk tee with my new cut-out shoes from Pershoenalize. If you guys following my instagram, you knew that I've already share a little tutorial-video about creating your own shoes on Pershoenalize website. (Not yet? Feel free to follow me here: @czles) Pershoenalize is a place that you can design your own shoes, and having it! How cool is that? You can look from their name, "pershoenalize" which means you can custom / mix-matching the look, the fabrics, and even sole for creating your dream shoes. Well, that's what I love about it. You can see the video-tutorial from my instagram, below, or simply checking their website:

Well, that's a wrap for today-post! Hope you enjoy the shots and 'till the next post! Happy Monday-post! xx