Sep 28, 2012


LOVE ALL THE COLLECTIONS. Yes. That's right. I definitely LOVE all the collections from Roberto Cavalli. I just love him & also his collections, so much! Just look at his ready to wear collections for next spring. All the fringe, prints, cuts&patterns, accessories, even their heels and bags. Literally, everything is breathtaking. Yes, I repeat, everything.

I make this post special for you, as I promised, is every pieces and every design at yesterday show in Milan. You can also sees it again at Now, keep scrolling and doodling!

Sep 27, 2012


MFW. Hello again from Milan, part two! A quick review for Milan Fashion Week day four and five (of course, just pictures of my favourites, haha).

Well, another pictures from, take a look at Aquilando.Rimondi for the fun prints and cute cuts! The slim feminime Emilio Pucci. Block cutting by Fendi (just look at their shoes, I want it so bad!). The colorfull prints, stripes, and rattan from Dolce&Gabbana. And also, the classy fabolous Giorgio Armani. The over-sized from Marni. The touch-of-neon by Missoni (again, shoes!). Also, Trussardi and Salvatore Ferragamo collections was so high-class!

Sep 26, 2012


MFW. It's Milanoooooo, people! This Milan Fashion Week is huge! More designers, more breathtaking collections. I can't devide it into just two parts, it's more! It's like I'm a huge fans of during last & this week. But hey, who cares? I just want to show you people about a glimpse of my favourites from Fashion Week!

Part One Milan. The feminime Gucci, Alberta Ferretti and MaxMara, the comfy Emporio Armani, the classy yet fun of Prada and Moschino, also my favourite designer Just Cavalli, and my favourite collection for this part, Versace.

Sep 25, 2012


LFW. Here we go again! Part Two of a few of my favourites from fashion week.. From London with love. Another collections, another gorgeous designers. Still from, it's time for Burberry Prorsum that I love the most (believe me, I can't help it to pick just 'a few', I look to every pieces and those was just blew me away! Oh, that's why I love you, Bailey!), the 'galaxy' trend founder Christopher Kane, Erdem, and also Mulberry (there's a Poodle in their runway!).

Burberry Prorsum SPRING 2013 RTW

Sep 24, 2012


LFW. Enough for New York and helloooooo London! Here is it. A little few of my favourites from London Fashion Week. There's a lot great collections for next season! Spring 2013! And I still grab all pictures from You can check it by your self, just simply clicking the link!

Part One. It's time for Moschino Cheap And Chic, Daks, John Rocha, Preen, Christopher Raeburn, Nicole Fahri, Topshop Unique, and Mario Schwab! All collections was just wonderfull, and for me, John Rocha and Mario Schwab nailed it!

Sep 21, 2012


NYFW. Part Two. Another fashion week updates, still from New York! Day VI-VII. Now it's time for Michael Kors, Philosophy, Elizabeth and James, Milly, and Ralph Lauren (still from Here's just another few of my favourite from those collections! (Of course, Milly and Ralph Lauren just melted my heart!) Enjoyed!

Sep 20, 2012


NYFW. Everybody is so excited beacuse of Fashion Week. NY, London, and maybe Milan. Well, unfortunetely I'm not attending all those important show. So, I just looking all the colections at, where you can find all collections from all famous designers.

Part One. And here's just a few of my favourite from NYFW Day I - V. It's Rebecca Minkoff, BCBGMAXAZRIAHervé Léger, Tibi, Diane von Furstenburg, Tommy Hilfiger, Tory Burch, and Marc by Marc Jacobs. Enjoyed! (BCBG, Diane, & Marc collections are just blew me away!)

Sep 19, 2012


CRAVING COURT. This September, just look at Zara's Collection! I'm so in love with their 'Court' edition. Who doesn't love it? This month wishlist, 4 Zaras , Up, and of course PS11! Here it is, just some of delicious thingy!


MORNING BEACH. Last day in Bali from yesterday summer, we're just walking around the beach and relaxing. And after that, we're go to Pasar Soekawati, Ubud, shopping stuff for our loveable people at home, and then heading to the airport waiting our plane at night. Just sorry for not taking many pictures! We're just so exhausted. But most of all, Bali is great, for all of you who wants a relaxing trip and enjoyed the nature!

Sep 11, 2012


IT'S SEAFOOD! Yeay! Day 4 at Bali, we are going to Jimbaran Beach at night for having seafood dinner. Grilled Oyster, Grilled Fish, Grilled Prawn, Grilled Squid, and Crab just melting your stomach. Trust me, it's the best seafood, completed with the ocean as the view!

Wearing my Bali's flower playsuit, wooden necklace from Novarinna (from Bali too!), my Charles&Keith bag / mom's old Fendi, and my suede sandal (but the thing is suede and sand is not a great combination!). Had such a great moment (and full stomach too) before leave back to Jakarta on the next day!

Sep 10, 2012



ELEPHANT SHOW. Waiting this adorable elephants show, I'm taking a quick lunch with Ron, sweet-spicy grilled corn and 'Ketan Hitam' or you can say it Black Rice. Trust me, the grilled corn is so tasty!

The Elephant Show at Safari is just awesome. All the elephants is such a great actor/ess! They can walk with one leg lifted up, they can swim, they can play dead, and they can holding each other also! The show is trying to tell us about the less habitat for the Elephant in Kalimantan, Indonesia. Also, the violence between the elephant and human. The story is trying to teach us how important the forest for the habitat of the elephants which is almost burned out by the people there.

After the show, we're heading to Jimbaran beach for having seafood-dinner there. But unfortunately, all seafood restaurant was closed because Bali is celebrate The Galungan&Kuningan Day that day (is the feast day for Hindu people) , so we just relaxing at the Sunset Cafe at Jimbaran, eating a french fries and Italian Gazpacho, completed with strawberry milkshake. Life's good!

Sep 8, 2012


SAFARI TIME! I'm so excited so excited sooo excited! Can't be more excited about something after 'shoes' of course! Lol. Day 3 in Bali, we're go to Bali Safari & Marine Park. Is still quite new for a safari park in Bali, because Bali already had one zoo named 'Bali Zoo'. But too bad I'm not going to that Zoo :( *sad face*

Anw! Here's the recap pictures (part one) of my Safari Journey Trip in Bali! Bali Safari only had animals from 3 different country, it's Afrika, India, and Indonesia. But still, it's many of them. You can see a White Tiger, Elephant, Hippo (I love HIppo!), Orang Utan, Monkey, Cheetah, Lion, Luwak, and much much more!

Bali Safari also have a hotel room, restaurant, park, pool, and a play ground. The restaurant (oh yes, the restaurant!) is so damn cool! You can eat your meal with The King! Yes, the lions! The restaurant were surrounded by the lions cage-park. So you can have your meal while the lions are watching you! But again, too bad I'm not eating there. *another sad face*

Enough with the sad face, I took an outfit shoot with the hotel room for the background *yeay*. I love it 'cause it so unique! It's really like a jungle! For a comfortable desire, I'm wearing Ripped Back Tee from Zipper&Lace, an old Flower Short , Mom's old Fendi Bag (yes, I steal it from my moms closet!) , Rusty sandal (again), completed it with Emit Poise's Sunnies and AccessorieStudio Butterfly Ring & Nic-Shop Ring.

I also have a dream to built my own zoo, and this trip just make me want want want to make my dream come true even more!!

Sep 7, 2012


BEAUTIFUL SUNSET. After playing with monkeys and had "Nasi Betutu" for a lunch, we're heading to Tanah Lot Temple for a beautiful temple, beutiful sea, and also such a beautiful sunset.

Before the sunset, we're clearly walking around the temple, capture the nature of the ocean, and drink the coconut ice! It's so relaxing. At the under of the temple, you can see a holy water, and you must wash your face, hands, and drink the holy water to climb up the temple. After you do the cleaning thing, they'll give you flower for your left ear and signed you with a rice on your forehead. But unfortunately, you can't climbed up 'till the top of the temple, it's locked and only for worship. You also can see the beautifulllllllllll sea, damn beautiful sea. It's so clean and perfect with a clean blue sky. I took an outfit shoot in here because I really love the view and I also love the fact that my ombre hair is sooooo clear in this shoot! Haha..

After the sunnies from Emit Poise to catched up with the sun, I'm wearing a couple tee with Ron from Lionel Shop, and we're just look so Korean! The fact is, there's a tourist-couple greet me with a Korean Langguage, He said "Anyonghaseo" to me and ask if I was Korean because of this couple tee. Lol. Okay enough with a fake-tourist thing, I wore it with my favourite short from Cotton On -old (just sorry for wearing this short quite often, I can't help it!) a simple belt from Zipper&Lace, and my Rusty sandal as my first purhchase in Bali and my silvery nail polish from The Face Shop is so cool & shiny under ther sun!

Sep 6, 2012


A LOT OF MONKEY. Bali Day 2, I'm going to Sangeh Monkey Forest. It's a huge park places by a lot of monkey, and when I said a lot, it's almost a thousands, and those monkeys are not tied in the cage, they're as free as you are there! Lol!

Like I mentioned before, such a huge park and a huge number of monkey, Sangeh Monkey Park also had a Pura inside (fyi: Pura is a place to pray for those Hindunesse people), they also had a huge long tree named "Pohon Lanang Wadon" (Pohon means "tree" -it's Indonesian langguage, Lanang means "male" and Wadon means "female" -it's Indonesian Javanesse Langguage) it called that because the tree just look like (sorry) a male and female 's sex.

Move along, you also can feed all the monkey with a lot of peanuts! Trust me, they love it! But, you can't over-show it to the monkey, because when they see that you have a lot of peanuts, they gonna chase you until you give them all! Lol.

So. here's the pictures I take from Sangeh Monkey Park, hope you enjoy and want to visit Bali soon! (And just wait for the outfit post soon!)

Sep 5, 2012


KUTA. Summer holiday yeay! Am going to Bali with Ron for around 5days, and you know  it's not never enough.We've been travelling around this beautifull island, from the beach, monkey park, pura, shopping paradise,  and safari! Yes, Safari ('cause you know what, am totally in love with any kind of animals).

Here's just a little preview of my day one in Bali (sorry for not taking the outfit photos!). Wearing a Zipper&Lace's crop tank (as seen on here) and hw short (as seen on here) when arrived and a long beach-dress with a sandals I bought right after I leave the hotel room from Rusty (just wait for the pics!). I'm just walking around Legian and Kuta, cause I'm staying at hotel in Legian. Not a five star hotel, but is quite good for hotel-staying because when you in Bali, you would never want to stay in your hotel room for age, you will want to go outside and enjoy the sound of nature at the beach and kindly forgetting about your stressed mind and yeah you know, just relaxing!

Sep 4, 2012


AUGUST 2012. A few recap for my Goodies&Purchase from last August! Bracelet, Necklace, Earring, Jeans, and most of all, Shoes! It's always exciting to take a pictures of it! So lovable!

Sep 2, 2012



HAPPY BIRTHDAY LOVE. My baby is having a birthday last week! Yeay! And btw, how's you guys doing?? Sorry for long time no posting, I just get back from my vacation in Bali! So satisfactory, so amazing holiday to chill out around the island, playing with animals, relaxing at the beach, to relieve the stresses! I will, sure I will share it to all of you how's my vacation! Just keep waiting! :D