May 29, 2013


NEW ADDICTION. Have you guys heard about Persunmall? Well, if you haven't, let me introduce it to you. Persun or you can just simply visit: is my new addiction now. They have selling a lot of great stuff, from apparel, bag, shoes (you guys know how much I freakin' love shoes, and every single pieces is super!) ,jewelry, even Wedding Dress and another special occasion dresses. Interesting, right?

Here's I'm telling you just a few of my many many wishlist. (Seriously, I want to choose a lot.) Just don't forget to check their website: Simply click and find your new addiction!

May 21, 2013


COLORS. Right, colors. That's the first word that randomly across my mind when I saw these photos. Don't you guys agree that this pair legging of Romwe is the best galaxy prints ever? Don't you just easily fall in love when you first saw it? Lol. Forgive me, my head is spinning right now, and stressed out for some random reasons. Sometimes, you just feel so lazy and all you want to do is layin' on the bed, eating some kiwis, while watching How I Met Your Mother. (fine, that's just my favorites)

Well, move on to my outfit then! I finally got my new leather jacket from Forever 21. *applause* I love the shape, the not-to-much spikes, and of course, is black. You can easily pair it with anything, that's the plus. And I ended up with my mom's shoes again, literally. Gosh, I need more shoes.

May 13, 2013


THIS PARK AGAIN. Well, it's not actually park, just an ordinary road around my home, but let's  pretend it's a park, okay? Now, move on. I'm stuck in this 'park' again for my outfit post, I can resist how I love to do these 'sit-style-photoshoot' (okay, what?) Just, don't puke ok guys, please.

I get more crazier about pants lately, boyfriend jeans, like you see on my previous post. Now, this faux leather legging, which I randomly found inside my Mom's closet. (I can hear my mom voice, screaming at me, to put the pants back on her closet) Don't you love it?

May 8, 2013


BOYFRIEND JEANS. I guess I'm wearing a lot of pants lately, and got super crazy for boyfriend jeans, seriously. I can't help myself when I'm stuck inside Zara's store. I want all of them! Like, I need each pair of it. Somebody, help me.

You can see my Diamond Studded Tee here, super love it. You know me, the one who loves to comfort her self with tee and jeans, or short, well it's like an uniform, I guess. Never get bored with it. I automatically paired it with my denim shirt, grab my black wedges, which I know that it would give me a taller effect, doh. Put on a lot of my new arm candy, and there's the look.

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