Aug 27, 2013


LET'S TALK ABOUT HAIR. I know I've missed my Monday-post yesterday, but hey I'm back with (I hope) some useful post for you guys who's having a sensitive head. You guys remember how my hair (and head) going on last time I dyed my hair (you can see it here, if you haven't read about it), and yes, it's a total disaster (you can see it at my first photo above). I love my hair so much, I love to dyed my hair and tried another color besides my black head. But the last time I dyed my hair was making me into a hair-dyed-traumatic. You know, my head was getting bigger and hurt, and itchy, and it so freaking annoys me, also the color result was so dissapointing. And I felt like "No, I'm not going to dyed my hair again, No." But then, my hair color was really make me so mad from time to time, the color was seriously a total disaster and I feel I'm gonna dyed it again, but only a half part like ombre. Because I really don't want to hurt my head ever again.

So in searching a pretty color for my 'ombre-all-over-again'  I found this website:, is a hair product website, based on Hong Kong. Especially, they're selling real hair extensions (yes, real, 100% Human Hair) with a top grade-quality products at rock-bottom price. Interesting, huh? There's so many type, like Clip In Hair, Micro Ring/Loop Hair (now on sale up to 65% OFF!), Brazillian Hair, Weft/Weave Hair, also Fusion./ Pre Bonded Hair. I found this website really helps me a lot, I'm directly think that I don't have to dyed my hair again and face my trauma because I can get a hair extensions, of course, it doesn't change my hair color, but at least, all I have to do is make a new do to make my hair looks better than a disaster one. At my case, I want my ombre hair back (like my photo below), and all I have to do is click-ing buy on SeekHair products and change my do with their clip on hair or their tape in hair in other color. I hope this post is useful to you who had a trauma case just like me. An easy way, and not gonna hurt your sensitive head.

Aug 19, 2013


BACK TO REALITY. HA! It's Monday again and it means, time to start working again after the holiday. *exhale* I'm sitting here at my not-so-comfy office chair, writing this post, while I was feeling sad yet mad about my loss, my pretty bunny, MiuMiu, died yesterday (I have 2 lovely bunny, the other one name is Prada, now Prada gonna miss her youngest sister ever). Ahhh, I'm so frustrated.

Even tho monday is always a full boring working day, at least, there's a bright side about this day, yes! A Monday-post! *suddenly excited* Last Friday I've got this lovable jumpsuit from Persunmall, and I'm so freaking happy because it suit me perfectly. I love the fabric and those gold zippers details was completely make this lovely jumpsuit even more cooler. Hope you guys enjoy the pics and please excuse my fatter body and some blurry pics. Happy Monday! xx

Aug 12, 2013


BANGKA ISLAND. Last week, I spend my little holiday at Ron's parents birthplace, Bangka Island. We spent 5 nights at Ron's aunt place. Since Bangka were already famous by a lot of beautiful beaches and a lot of yummy foods, well, me say yes for all!

Here's my Bangka Photo Diary recap of my iPhone camera on the go, which I can't stop capturing an amazing skies (if you're following my instagram, you'd know for sure) and I didn't forget to capture a lot of pretty animals, (since I love them too much!) When my skin is really getting darker and my tummy is really getting fatter, (seriously, I have to go on a diet) I wish you guys enjoy the pics and wanting to visit Bangka Island in Indonesia for sure! 'Till next post, toodless doodless! xx

Aug 2, 2013


CHEATS. As you seen on my instagram account: @czles (feel free to follow me, if you haven't yet!), you must have known that I wore this outfit on my last Saturdate with my girlfriends and of course, Ron. We're all having dinner at Bistronomy, (well, it explains the title, aight?), a Bistro with French Fine Dining Menu, located at Jakarta of course. For you whom not even try it yet, you have to! Their interior is just breathtaking and so vintage (vintage fellas, go go go!) and they also had a lot of delicious food. I was trying their salad and Pork Belly (I forgot the names, sorry!) but I'm not forgetting the taste, for sure!

Moving on to my outfit! Okay I admit it, since I am such a honest person, I was doing a little cheats on my outfit, I'm not wearing the vest nor the beanie for the date, I'm just doing it for fun for the photoshoot. It's okay, right? Nothing wrong with that, I guess. I was wearing one of my pinafore/suspenders-skirt/dungaress collections (admit it, you see me a lot with these stuff, don't you!) I'm still not over it tho, so sorry! This one is also from QSA Hardwear, paired it up with my all-time boots from Decimal and there's the look! By the way, holiday is on its way, I'm flying to Pulau Bangka tomorrow morning with Ron and his twinnie, gonna post it about it soon, Happy Holiday people! xx