Dec 7, 2015


Earlier this month, I got a chance to visit the hippest jewellery office, Orori. For your information, Orori is the first pioneer of the most trusted online jewellery sales in Indonesia. Like, seriously? At first, I don't even know that I can buy a 'real' gold or jewellery online. The first thing on my mind was like, is it trusted? I mean, that's a lot amount of money and I'm not the type who trust easily on an online webstore. But then, after a quick visit to their office and take a little peek to their collection, I know I can trust this one.

Established since 2004, Orori provides a lot of type of jewellery. From the wedding ring, engagement ring, necklace, bracelet, to babies earring. They’re even providing a dowry package and a gold bar. The most coolest thing is, you can even custom your own rings! How cool is that?

As I have a chance to visit their office, I had a chance to take a quick-snap of my favorites jewellery from their collection. Since I'm not the diamond-or-gold gurl type (I mean, the only accessories that I've wore daily is my engagement & wedding ring, even I'm not wearing it 'daily' since I often forget tho, lol), I've chosen this simple yet elegant diamond ring, and this simple beautiful necklace with a diamond pendant. You guys can take a look the pics below!

For more information, you can go straightly to their website, here.

Nov 2, 2015


MESH-SLEEVES JACKET. YOU MISS ME? Oh just say yes, please. Okay, I've just skipped blogging for almost 2 months, I guess. Seriously, I'm not taking any outfit photos either. I was just wayyyyyyyyyyyy too lazy, but I'm trying to keep my social media alive, tho. See me more on my Snapchat & Instagram under the same username: czles.

SO, got this jacket from Own Da Street for like, 4 months ago. Dammit, long enough, just realized it. Forgive me, lol. ODS is a local label under this amazing blogger buddy of mine, Putri Valentina. Of course you knew her, she's way more famous than be, lol! Anyway, I just love the jacket, it suits me well and its black. You know I'm such a black person, don't you? Ha! You guys can check their collection on their website here or their instagram here.

Oh yes, I become one of the featured blogger on's blog. I'll be giving you many information like, my outfit, fashion show reports, fashion tips, and many more. So, make sure you follow me and read my article there by clicking here!

And I guess that's all for today! Hope you enjoy the shots like you used to be. 'Till the next post and Happy Monday-post! xx

Aug 3, 2015


SHE DEVIL. My very first ever lipstick. I've never own one, I also rarely use them. Like, I don't like it, at all, I'm not a fan of red lips, and I'm not really like the feel when I used lipstick, lipbalm, or whatsoever. Until, this one. I've changed my mind. I'm trying this NYX Lip Matte Vamp Series in She Devil, that I got from Make Up Junkie Indo. I still don;t like the feel of sticky lips and I'm not getting used to it, yet. But I really really love the result on my lip, on my face actually. Lol. I guess I have a new hobbies. Dark lips kinda addictive, you knew.

For my look, I'm wearing Runway again! This time, I got their long outter in Black, definitely my fav! I've been wearing this like, several times. It bring you slimmer look. Black always cheating, right? Lol. Complete it with all black outfit to match my new look!

Well, I hope you guys love the look like I do. Oh, and yes, you guys can see this look on Lookastic, it makes you easier to find a lot of items that identical to mine. Enjoy the shots, 'till the next post, and Happy Monday-post! xx