Jun 24, 2013


PAINTED SKIRT. You guys already saw the teaser of this skirt from my latest post. And, I'm stuck with it. I've got this one from Persunmall. I simply fell in love when this European Figures Painted Skirt came to my door step.  I love the color, mostly I love the print. And I'm so gonna get more of these kinda print. Well, who's with me?

Paired it with new tee and my UP wedges (that I'm still not over it) again, also my 'accidentally-ripped-tights' when I took these outfit post, well, got to wore them anyway. Just pretend it's not happening, seriously. Enjoy the pics and Happy Monday! xx

Jun 20, 2013


I LOVE PERSUN. You guys already seen my lightning tee above on my latest outfit post: Bolt. I'm so glad a lot of you guys love it like I do! You guys read the caption, yes its from Persunmall. As I mention before on my other post, Persunmall is one of my latest addiction these days. Why? They're having a lot of great items, seriously.

The tee that I'm wearing here is: Lightning Black Short Vest, the fabric is so comfy to wear! It's so perfect for my daily routines and those little studs around the Lightning print is just so catchy, make your print tee not boring at all. And you can see my skirt above is European Figures Painted Skirt (well, sneak peak for my upcoming outfit post!) I've got it also from Persunmall. I'm so addicted with this kind of holy print skirt lately, and when I saw it on Persun, I've just grabbed it right away! And the result? I'm not regretting at all! The skirt is smoothly perfect on my body and I really like the print a lot!

Jun 17, 2013


LIGHTNING. Okay, I'm talking about my tee here, besides the weather here in Jakarta that recently raining and storming while I'm writing this post. (I hate rain!) But then, gotta love my new tee from Persunmall! Oh, come on, who doesn't? I directly grab it when I first saw it, and I'm not regretting at all. It just so comfortable for my daily routines, and easy to pair with, and most of all, this tee just so me!

And well, I'm wearing my unisex shoes again, and I think you guys gonna see this lovable shoes again and again, 'cause I'm so addicted. I'm searching for more shoes like this, I just want to grab them all! Help!

Jun 10, 2013


TIGER PRINT. Yes, everyone know that tiger, doberman, or any tough (but cute!) animal print is so trend this kind of day. This time, I've got mine from my Zipper and Lace, and I'm so in love. Fine, fine, I'm just pretending to be a great blogger while I'm not posting last week, just forgive me (again) for that, and now I'm back, but please forgive me for a bad picture resolutions.

Wearing my (I mean mom) leather legging again, and paired with my new favorites! Say hello to my new Decimal Shoes and Cotton Ink bag (that I've got via Dskon.com)! I just love them and I kept wearing them right after I got them. Seriously.