May 19, 2014


SWEATSHIRT. Oh my, hello! It's been a month? I guess, it's been ages since I put my latest word on this blog. I'm having such a busy (and laziest) month back then, like, seriously! I've missed my daily outfit shots and just feel soooo darn lazy to play with my outfit. Forgive me, now I'm back to the business!

Here again, me with my simple-lazy outfit. Take this outfit shots yesterday, I wore my super comfy smoke sweatshirt from SheInside. I love SheInside! Totally in love with! Loving the not-so-thick but comfy fabric they've used. So comfortable for my lazy-day routine, plus, because I've ordered it one size bigger than my size, so I can have a little, yet not-so-oversized effect. Since the smoke print here already turns out to be such a cool detail it-self, I just paired it with my faux leather short and boots. You don't have to try so hard because it's sweatshirt! That's why I love it! Who's agree with me? Go check their website then: Lol. Well, enjoy the shots and 'till the next post! Happy (finally) Monday-post! xx