Apr 29, 2013


INTERNATIONAL GIVEAWAY. First of all, I like to introduce you to Dskon.com, a new shopping experience for us, who loves to shop online and of course, discount or special prizes (oh come on, who doesn't?) Dskon.com is like a place that you can find anything, (read: fashion, travels, culinary, sports, automotive,  and more) with a lot of special offers. I find it really helpful for us, who like to sit in front of a computer for such a long time, like an age, seriously.

SO, the good news is, Dskon.com and I is helding an International Giveaway!!! Yes, a giveaway, and yes, it's International, people!

Apr 15, 2013


I'M BACK. Gosh, it's feel so good to be back. I know I've been missing literally for the past 2 weeks. Just forgive me for that. I got stressed out with my hair color, with my head actually. Yesterday, earlier of the month, I was dyed my hair, 'cause my old hair color was already ruined. But, the situation was not on me that day. 2 days after I dyed my hair, my head was incredibly hurt! It turned so red and super itchy, even my head was getting bigger! Do you believe that? I feel like a giant alien with a red head for the past few days, I didn't go to work, can't sleep well, 'cause it's too itchy and hurt and big! I was frustrated, plus, the color didn't go well as I expected. *sigh* But thank God, after taking pills and medicine from the doctor, my head was finally getting better, and I think I'm not going to dye my hair again for now, literally, even thought I didn't really like this burgundy head now. So come on guys, be truthful, is these colors that bad?

Enough for the hair topic and moving on to my outfit. I wore this outfit yesterday to spend my relaxing Sunday. I've got my new stripes pants from Zipper&Lace (believe me, I guess this is the first time I post an outfit post wearing long pants!), and it so extremely comfy. Paired it with my old peplum top (I want to paired with a tee at first, but I look like I'm going to bed.) And do you see my arm candy am wearing? Those are from Flowren and eFoxcity, I'm so in love, I can't get enough for an arm candy for this past few weeks, and I can get more and more! Enjoy the pics! xx