Nov 29, 2012


SUEDE&FEATHER. I know I've been missing for a little while. Just keep forgive me. Here's such a quick snap of my new treasures, Black Platform Wedges from Summit, and Skull Feather Necklace from Flowren. Just giving myself a little treat lately and keep listening to Christmas song (also while writing this post), Oh! Can't wait for Christmas!

Nov 19, 2012


PLAYING BLACK&WHITE. If you're following my twitter, you might already knew a little bit of what am wearing in this post (if you don't, go follow!), 'cause I already upload the teaser picture! Oh and hello fellas! How was your weekend? Last week was such a blast, though am a little sick on the past few days, but  believe me, I'm better now! Watching the Breaking Dawn P.II, that I always excited to see, and the result was amazing, although is the last episodes from the series, but honestly, I was so satisfied.

Today's outfit, you might see this coat here. (fine, I'll admit it, I'm repeating my clothes) So, I wore the coat with my new checker dress from my online store, Zipper&Lace, I really think that when this dress meet up with this coat, is such a business look, don't you think? Match it up with my Zara's black slingback to keep me taller than usual, Charles&Keith's black bag (yes, I love big bag!), and my two silver arm candy cuff for the eye catchy thingy.

Nov 13, 2012


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CHOCOLATE. Okay, I am craving a hot chocolate while writing this post. *pmsproblem* Anyway, hello sweet fellas! How are you and how was your weekend? After a busy work problems, finally coming back with an outfit post! *drummrolls* lol. But seriously, forgive me for a bad pose and pictures resolutions, though I think I'm a little fatter also because I cut my ombre hair a bit last week, cause it's already damaged. *sadface*

So, this photos were taken on Sunday, while instantly was a lazy day for me. Before having such a good time with family and of course, Ron. Just chillin' around the mall, coffee break and stuff. Since it still a bright sunny day in Jakarta, I wore my simple little backless dress and my Charles&Keith's brown clogs-platform (that I believe were hiding deep inside my closet, you might see that I wore it on my first outfit post here) matched up with my golden statement necklace (again), hide my bangs, and done!

Nov 5, 2012


OCTOBER 2012. Mini diary from my mini goodies on October, and I'm typing this post in such a mini time. I know, I'm not being a good blogger lately, but I promise to give you fellas a great outfit post after this. Keep waiting! xoxo