Mar 27, 2014


PLAID DRESS. I feel like I'm a little lost when I took these picture, lol. Maybe gain a little weight is one of the problem here, is like my height doesn't want me to gain weight anymore, seriously. But well, gonna have to trough it anyway. *positiveminds* So, how's you guys doing? I know I have missed my Monday-post again, but I came back anyway, who's with me?

Because I feel like a shorty-giant cupcakes, I need to show more legs! (And hiding my cupcake details, ehm.) Mission was accomplished, because I seriously can't resist this lovable plaid dress from Persunmall.This Retro British Style Plaid Dress from Persunmall is such a cutie! I'm in love with the print quality, the cuts, and the shape. Plus, I love the neck-to-bottom zipper details on the back, so creative. Matched up with my bag (also from Persunmall) and black boots. I'm definitely a Persunmall girl! Lol. Well, enjoy the shots, 'till the next post, and Happy Thursday-post! xx

Mar 19, 2014


COAT ALL THE WAY. I know I've been missing from these blogosphere lately, just forgive me, somethings just going on and on, but I think in a good way. Also, there's something new going on with me and Ron. and I know it'll be headed into a great life for us. I know you guys will noticed it sooner or later, because it is something that I couldn't hide for too long. Something is going on with my body, can you guess? Lol.

Though it'll never wintery here in Jakarta, doesn't mean you can't have any lovable coat, don't you think? Well, you can save them for your holiday and overseas, right? So, that's why I can't resist this lovable wool blend coat from SheInside. I love it too much! I love the thick fabric on it, you know, when you go overseas and it feel like minus degrees, you will never want some thin fabric on your one and only coat, would you? That's why I'm in love with this one. Plus, this coat have a detachable fur hood on it, protecting you from cold indeed. Can't get any happier, right?

For this post, I matched the coat with my new sweater from Dyn Shop (on instagram: @dynshop / @dynshopkatalog_), super duper comfy! (Looks like I'm trying to make one winter outfit here, lol.) Paired it up with my quilted skirt from Persunmall, plus, black boots, black bag and black beanie. Just trying to make it more wintery, see? Well, enjoy the shots and Happy Wednesday-post, 'till the next post! xx

Mar 3, 2014


MIDI SKIRT. When the last time I wore skirt like this? Well, for the record, also for the truth, I haven't wear something like this. I feel is too creepy for me. Lol. I'm afraid I will looking like a short and giant marshmallow. Hah! But then, this skirt I got from LO was totally changed my mind about that. I was not a giant marshmallow at all. The net details are the first thing I adore the most about this skirt (besides the color and also the fabrics of course) the net details also make the skirt look not-to-girly or something. It keeps me stand out in the middle with my personal style. How cool is that?

LO is an Indonesian brand created by a young talented lovely girl, Lovita Hilman. Not only lovely, she's just too kind to be true. What I love the most about LO is the fact that this brand is an Indonesian, lol. Another successful Indonesia's brand that ships worldwide. I also love the collections, it's classic yet not-to-heavy-girly at the same time. Curious enough? Click:

Along the skirt, the beanie I wear here is also from LO. I'm seriously loving it fabrics.  So warm and so comfy to wear. I grab mine in black, but it also come in grey and maroon, too confusing to choose one. Lol. Complete the whole look with crop top and boots, and it's me again. Enjoy the shots and Happy Monday-post! xx