Aug 23, 2012


REDDIE. Well, I told you guys before, this new pumps is so in the great price. You can see it here. Beside that, here's outfit post again! Do you miss me?? Do you?? Do you really??? Lol. And do you realize something? Ombre, yes! Ombre hair! Hahahaha. (Forgive me for being overreact. Lol)

I open my closet and I found this red loose&comfortable top, that I never wear again since a longlong time ago, and yes, I've missed it! And I decided to wore it, and complete it with my hw short, sooo comfortable! ;) So, what do you think?

Aug 21, 2012


BEFORE MOVIE. I got this new babies from Three Ladies at Artha Gading Mall before I seen The Expendables 2, yesterday. And the best part is? This pumps just for IDR 150.000 or maybe $15! I know I know, great price, huh? And btw, are you guys already seen The Expendables 2? If you're addicted to action movie, that movie is kill! I love Sylvester Stallone! Lol! Enjoy your holiday, guys! Xoxo.

Aug 20, 2012


20TH BIRTHDAY. Yes, yes, thank you, thank you! Hahaha. Last Friday, on August 17 (yes, my birthday is same as Indonesia's Independence Day!) I'm one year older, 20th. My parents and Ron fool me and surprised me with the cake & the present at 12am. I didn't expect that, because Ron told me that we're just ordered pizza on midnight and we're gonna buy my present, yes, we. But wth? He fool me!

Aug 15, 2012


PREPARING FOR SUMMER HOLIDAY! It's summer holiday, pepole! Yes! Holiday! I'm so excited! As you all know am working 9 to 5 as Fashion Designer here, in Jakarta. And yes, I really need vacation, most. I'm going to Bali, Indonesia in the end of the month with Ron, and this Stripe Button Bikini from Sexybabeshop, is coming with me! Hell, yes! (Allthough, am also waiting for Friday, cause yes, it's my birthday, and another Friday, and yes, it's Ron birthday! We're in the same month! Haha) Anw, hoping you guys a have a great vacation too! XOXO!

Aug 6, 2012


STUDDS & SPIKES. As you all know, Studds & Spikes are just being a worldwide trendsetter lately. Well, don't have to lie ladies, this creature's just made a special gorgeous effect for a fashionable woman like us! So, I just want to share you guys some of my favourite (and wishlist!) studded&spikes things! Hope somebody send me all these things! Hahaha! Anw, enjoy!