Apr 7, 2014


TWO WAYS. I'm not a skirt a person, especially, long skirt. I'd rather go with my shorts/ripped jeans for my daily routines. Since I'm not that kind of sweet ladylike person tho. But then, I saw these 2 black cuties on Ghaida Shop account on instagram (@ghaidashop), and I just seriously can't resist. And that's why I'm posting 2 looks wearing a different type of long skirt, in a different style, but yes, on black and white theme of course. Who's with me?

For the first look, well, my favorite. I matched this chiffon skirt with simple cropped tee and a fake leather cap, instead of those kind of floppy hat (besides I don't have it, I think cap sometimes suits me more, lol). Again with my glass-boots and yes, my first look is complete! Click the jumpbreak and scroll for more!

Apr 2, 2014


MINT AND BABY BLUE. I am so crazy about these colors right now! Spring, pastel, baby blue, mint green, white, those things are just cute to be true. I love the fact that those colors made some sweets and warmy effect on every details. It just so perfect.

When I was browsing through SheInside website, I just found so many minty-greeny-bluey products, that I just couldn't resist. Like those coats on the picture below, like those lovely sweater too. I may not the lovely girl type, but hey, when it came to these lovable colors, you guys just can't stop saying yes yes yes, right? Lol. IKR.

Well then, I made you guys 3 collage of my favorites things from SheInside, take a look and drool more! 'Till the next post, Happy Wednesday-post! xx