Apr 20, 2015


KARTINI'S DAY. Siapa sih yang gak kenal Raden Ajeng Kartini? Bisa dibilang R.A. Kartini merupakan one of the best female heroes in Indonesia. Beliau merupakan tokoh nasional yang sangat memperjuangkan hak wanita, khusunya dalam bidang pendidikan. Why? Karena pada saat itu merupakan hal yang sangat sulit bagi wanita Indonesia untuk menggapai ilmu & pendidikan. Dimana pada saat itu juga, Indonesia didominasikan oleh kaum pria dan tidak ada seorang perempuan pun yang boleh belajar dan meraih ilmu. Perjuangannya inilah yang disebut emansipasi wanita. So, because of her struggle back then, sekarang semua wanita Indonesia dapat mengenyam pendidikan yang sama kaum laki-laki, sehingga semakin banyak generasi wanita cerdas di Indonesia. She was born at April 21st, 1879, maka dari itu, Indonesia kini memperingati hari lahirnya sebagai one of Indonesia's National Day yang dikenal sebagai Hari Kartini. Berhubungan dengan itu, yang juga besok adalah Hari Kartini. Bhinneka.com mengadakan Female Online Festival untuk seluruh perempuan di Indonesia! Cool banget kan?

Apr 13, 2015


BLACK AND GREEN. Another tartan shirt and the one I share with you today was the one I got from DressLink. Feel unfamiliar with this online webstore? Well, let me tell you about it. DressLink is a HongKong based worldwide online fashion clothing seller with an affordable price. Like really, best price. You know we all (including me) love good stuff but we probably think twice when we sees a high price, which we all knew that maybe is not really worth it. So, when I got their mail at first and start looking at their webstore, I was like, oookaayyy, this one looks good. Now I already got their stuff, I'm not regretting at all and love to share it with all of you.

I got their Long Tartan Shirt in Green & Straps Skirt in Black. I know you guys probably seen this type of skirt like everywhere, but I never had a chance to own it. Like, so glad that I've found it when I was drooling at DressLink website, and not regretting at all. You guys must surely check them' up at www.dresslink.com for sure, maybe you'll find something you never had a chance to buy at the first time, like me! I pair it up with my fav white top from Runway_ID (seriously can't get enough of it), complete it with black beanie and boots. I love the result and I hope you will too.

Apr 6, 2015


X-RAY & PLEATS. First of all, Happy Easter, folks! I'm back with Easter spirits, also with another Choies stuff! Oh yes, besides Instagram, I'm now on Vine & Snapchat, too! Find me with the same username: czles.

For my Choies-pick this week, goes to this Mini Skirt with Structured Pleats! I'm so in love with this skirt, it came with this strong pleated structure that easily pop! when you walk or just standing on, no more additional tulle needed! Much love! Paired it along with my last-week Choies-pick, Black Felt Fedora, Bullet Necklace, and these adorable Leaf Ring Pack. You guys haven't seen it? See my post here or simply check Choies webstore. Psst, they still have some crazy-flash-sale going on!

Along with those adorable Choies stuff, here I'm wearing my Apparel After Dark X-Ray Long Sleeves Top in Black with Runway_ID White Crop Top inside. Another perfect way to wear some mesh stuff! You can find them both at instagram, here and here.

Well, enough for today, hope you enjoy the shots! 'Till the next post and once again, Happy Easter and Happy Monday-post! xx