Bernadette Czle. The Rebel's. Indonesian blood, born on 17th of August, 1992  at Bandung, but living in Jakarta, Indonesia. Full-time mommy for her little dude. Having a full of dreams wishing to be a superwoman. Graduated from Susan Budihardjo Design School, as a Fashion Designer. Having too much obsessions with shoes, fashion, and street style.

She start a blogging world since July, 2012. Not to serious at the start, but the blog keeps on rolling. She found Style Before Dawn as her closet-diary. Which is some place that she can open and open again to fill with something new, and also looking back to the old times. She got most all of her inspiration at dawn, because she used to be insomnia sometimes. And with that case, this blog got it-self a name.

She build the blog with her partner/ex-boyfriend/photographer/now her husband, Ronald Tham. They're making such a great team entering fashion industry. They're now working a lot to make something new that would changes their life. Maybe, some shoe brand?

With her major of Street Style, she's been working with a different brands/sponsors. Like:

Indonesia's online retailer/website, such as:

Indonesia's brands, such as:

International online-shopping brands, such as:


IN 2012;
Fashionista of the Day on Chicisimo, Top Look of the Day/Week/Month on Chicisimo, & Popular Look on Looksoup

IN 2013;
Outfit of the Day on OOTD Indonesia (for the 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th, 5th, 6th, 7th times)

IN 2014;
Outfit of the Day on OOTD Indonesia (for the 8th, 9th times)

IN 2015;
Outfit of the Day on OOTD Indonesia (for the 10th, 11th times)

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