Jun 29, 2015


BLACK ERRRR-THANG. Or kinda. Lol. Yes, hello again, guys! Seriously, I was so busy for these past few weeks, well, it is still now. I'm preparing something, let me give you a hint, I'm preparing my own brand, for like, finally! I've been such an busy idiotic for letting my brand takes too-easy, I mean, I just realized later that, why I have to do this thing or that thing, which, was not giving me anything, if you know what i mean, why I have to work from 9 to 5 and it keeps going that way, I feel like I'm in prison. Believe me, I was preparing to make my own brand from such a long time, but I just like, not to take that seriously, like, ohh, next time, or ohh, I can do that but I'm tired or stuff like that. And now, finally my eyes getting bigger to see that seriously, I have to take another steps. So yeah, while my body sitting for like 7-8 hours, my brain and stuff are doing another thing to make other things out! So I guess, meet me at my brands soon, yes!

Well enough for the heavy-talks. I'm back with my outfit! Here, I'm wearing my Runway_ID top, well it's kinda look like a mini-dress tho. Paired it with my leather shorts and boots. And yes, that's my look! You can take a look at Runway_ID on instagram: @Runway_ID. Well, I hope you guys enjoy the shots! Gotta go to get my baby now! Oh and yes, I'm on Snapchat and Instagram, so you guys can still lookin' for my daily activity, you guys can find me under the same username: czles. 'Till the next post, and Happy Monday-post! xx