Dec 26, 2012


RANDOM CARTOONS. Who doesn't know South Park? Well, I don't. I always love cartoon and enjoyed myself while watching it at my room. Ignored people who kept saying "What are you? A six?" when a beautiful blonde creature is singing and dancing on my tv screen (fine, it's Barbie). But, then I think, "So what? I'm 20 and I love Barbie and I love fashion." Okay, it's not really my style, like, a giant pink ball-gown with a lot of pink bow and stuff  'cause in the fact I hate pink, but when it comes to fairytale, it just blow me off. And then I just randomly found this South Park on the internet (well...) I was like, they're so cute! I recently got interested more and more, though I most seen it on 9gag, and just started to loving this small cute thing.

And so what that we have here? This total cuteness South Park dress (worn as top) from Lionel Shop, that I just picked it right away after I saw this! Paired it with my new red skirt from my online store, yeay! A bowler hat, and a golden statement from Women Airlines (okay, you might have seen this necklace, okay) and randomly found my old black vest, I wonder where this vest coming from? I just took it and voila, it matched really well, don't you think?

Oh, and anyway, I want to wishing you all a happy-happy-happy holiday, have a super great time with your family or friends. Merry Christmas fellas! Kisses! xo

Dec 18, 2012


DENIM DAY. "Hey-ho-ho-ho fellas!" (like a Santa Clauss, Christmas spirit!!) Okay, move on. How you guys doing? Not having a good-healthy sleep, literally past few days. Working in the morning until almost evening is really exhausting. Been less for going out lately, but luckily me, I always live my day with my man. How sweet he is!

So, last Sunday I can take a 'long-day' finally, hanging out at the mall, visiting the new shoe store, VNC (they have a lot of pretty amazing shoes!), and also new place, Gading Walk at Mall Kelapa Gading. If you live near here (or if you're following my new Instagram, yes, I've just created my own Instagram, so please kindly follow me!), you must've seen this huge Christmas Tree below! It so beautiful make me even excited for Christmas! Though it wasn't snowing here, but I've being felt Christmas all day. They even have a Christmas Carol, so you can enjoy your night, having a great dinner, staring at a huge yet beautiful Christmas Tree, while the choir with a santa hat is caroling Christmas for you. How can be amazing than that?

Move on to my outfit, I just wore me new denim shirt and skater skirt from my online store, Zipper&Lace. Paired it with my Zara studded ankle strap, and also my favorite necklace of the moment from Flowren. Just an amazing necklace for any event, isn't it?

Dec 11, 2012


NO WINTER. Yes, late for summer out there, but it's never gonna late for summer here in Indonesia! Jakarta esp. Geez, why why why is so freaking hot in this city? Oh, how was your weekend fellas? Been missing you guys so much! Lack of post, I know. Busy again and again to do some outfit post. *apologize*

Just throw away the winter season out there for a while and seeing the 'always-summer' in Indonesia, shall we? I'm wearing this cute bow back top (I know, this cutey thingy isn't my style, but hey, I can't resist!) and double belt skirt from my online store. Stealing stripes bag from my mom closet, grab my new Flowren necklace and the-most-comfy wedges, from UP. Go for a date with my man, movie-date, dinner, and stuff, while waiting the most lovable holiday of the year, heyy Christmas Day!!

Nov 29, 2012


SUEDE&FEATHER. I know I've been missing for a little while. Just keep forgive me. Here's such a quick snap of my new treasures, Black Platform Wedges from Summit, and Skull Feather Necklace from Flowren. Just giving myself a little treat lately and keep listening to Christmas song (also while writing this post), Oh! Can't wait for Christmas!

Nov 19, 2012


PLAYING BLACK&WHITE. If you're following my twitter, you might already knew a little bit of what am wearing in this post (if you don't, go follow!), 'cause I already upload the teaser picture! Oh and hello fellas! How was your weekend? Last week was such a blast, though am a little sick on the past few days, but  believe me, I'm better now! Watching the Breaking Dawn P.II, that I always excited to see, and the result was amazing, although is the last episodes from the series, but honestly, I was so satisfied.

Today's outfit, you might see this coat here. (fine, I'll admit it, I'm repeating my clothes) So, I wore the coat with my new checker dress from my online store, Zipper&Lace, I really think that when this dress meet up with this coat, is such a business look, don't you think? Match it up with my Zara's black slingback to keep me taller than usual, Charles&Keith's black bag (yes, I love big bag!), and my two silver arm candy cuff for the eye catchy thingy.

Nov 13, 2012


TIS THE SEASON. Don't get caught out giving lame gifts this Christmas season. Young Republic have released their 2012 Christmas Collection featuring hundreds of unique and exciting gift ideas for the fashionable man, woman and child. Showcasing the best from over 100 of their hottest independent designers, these gift ideas are sure to wow the crowd this Christmas! So, are you guys excited? 'Cause, I am! *Click, click,  keep scrolling, and don't forget to visit their website!*


CHOCOLATE. Okay, I am craving a hot chocolate while writing this post. *pmsproblem* Anyway, hello sweet fellas! How are you and how was your weekend? After a busy work problems, finally coming back with an outfit post! *drummrolls* lol. But seriously, forgive me for a bad pose and pictures resolutions, though I think I'm a little fatter also because I cut my ombre hair a bit last week, cause it's already damaged. *sadface*

So, this photos were taken on Sunday, while instantly was a lazy day for me. Before having such a good time with family and of course, Ron. Just chillin' around the mall, coffee break and stuff. Since it still a bright sunny day in Jakarta, I wore my simple little backless dress and my Charles&Keith's brown clogs-platform (that I believe were hiding deep inside my closet, you might see that I wore it on my first outfit post here) matched up with my golden statement necklace (again), hide my bangs, and done!

Nov 5, 2012


OCTOBER 2012. Mini diary from my mini goodies on October, and I'm typing this post in such a mini time. I know, I'm not being a good blogger lately, but I promise to give you fellas a great outfit post after this. Keep waiting! xoxo

Oct 29, 2012


ROCK ON. Hello fellas! Missin' me? :p Sorry for only posting one article last week, such a busy week. I'm back, and how was your weekend? Hope it's good, cause mine was awesome!

So, I put a little bit lady rocker on my outfit, since I loveeeee my new skirt so much! It's comfortable and make me 'slimmer' and 'taller'. Don't you think? Lol. Wore it with my newest finds from my mom's closet, yes, cool leather jacket. Pair it with my favourite wedges, Tree-Hi from UP (you should have one!) and again, Voila! Simple, comfortable, yet black-and-white-chic.

I was supposed to post this on last week, but again, busy week. Hope you forgive me and still like my look! <3

Oct 23, 2012


PRIVATE GARDEN. Hello fellas! Last weekend, I spent it with Ron and my family. Watching the Dredd movie at midnight on saturday-date with Ron, then celebrating my brother birthday on sunday, and finally exhausted on monday. What a weekend! So, how's your weekend?

Since I was a little girl, I always dreaming to have a homey-comfy-private garden at my highest floor of my house. And this post, reminds me of that. Have a mint swings and little table for tea-time party, a lots of animals (yes, I want to build a small zoo!), then cover with never-ending snow from the sky. How adorable, right?

Back to the outfit, I was wearing my new Zipper&Lace dress (choosing the blue color), completed it with golden necklace and mom's clutch (again), and this adorable Lucy-garden by Up shoes (again), that you might see those here or here. Okay, I can't stop wearing it. Lol.

Oct 18, 2012


BATIK IS INDONESIA'S. Some of you might knew (or not) about Batik. Is the most beautiful Indonesia's culture. It's like a full of painting (some was prints, but some was made by hand!), that commonly used on the outfit, bag, even shoes. Like a fabric. In Indonesia, we used to wearing Batik Shirt at least once a week  for school or work (usually on Friday). We celebrated Batik's Day on Oct 2nd, and we're always so proud about it!

So, here I am. Wearing my new Batik blazer, that you might seen it here, and match it up with my flower skort(skirt but short!), and my new Lucy-Garden wedges from UP, that you've also might seen it here. So, wanna get your own Batik? :p

Oct 15, 2012


MINTY FRESH. Hello again! How's your weekend? It's been a while since my last outfit post. So, this is my last sunday outfit. I'm going on a date witth Ron and celebrated my niece 2nd birthday, she's so adorable!

Okay, I know everybody's preparing for Fall -ing season thing outside, but here in Jakarta, it just getting hotter and hotter, and hotter again. *sigh*. And talking about my outfit, I wore my new white coat with a basic black tank-dress inside. Complete it with my half-boots and my favourite colour for the necklace, MINT!

Oct 13, 2012


I WEAR UP. New babies and yes, I am wearing Up Shoes! This cute flowery wedges was from Up Shoes. It's an Indonesian brand (and I'm using my new Batik blazer for the background, that you might know Batik is one of the most Indonesian beautiful finds, gonna love local brand, hey!), that the owner it-self is one of the most-top Indonesian blogger, Diana Rikasari. This Lucy-Garden is my second Up. Can't wait to wear them!

Oct 10, 2012


PROMISE IS PROMISE. As I promised to you guys, I'm giving you the Louis Vuitton Spring 2013 Collection. Okay, maybe is quite late posting about Paris Fashion Week now, but whatever I just want to show to you guys, this amazing collection. Every pieces is likable and also wearable I think.

If you following me on Twitter, you might now that I'm already seen it live (okay, not real 'live', okay) streaming on Chiara Ferragni's blog: The Blonde Salad (she's the most fashion blogger I do adore and I love her so much). The spring collection was super fun. The escalators runway, the twins models, The bright colors, the simple-classic yet elegant look, the unforgetable accessories, everything's genius. Now how about scrolling down and take a deep look for LV's? Hold your thoughts until you seen it all! ALL!

Oct 9, 2012


KEEP IT SIMPLE. That's right, just one piece of black dress always make a simple yet elegant look. I took the shot yesterday, before I go on a movie date with Ron and having a great-time karaoke with my mom. Oh, have you guys already watching Taken 2 ? I love it, maybe is because I like that kind of action thing movie. How about you? ;)

Back to the outfit. 'Catalog' was definitely the only word that I had when I look at my own pose in this shot, I don't know if, well maybe I'm too posey or something? Whatever. I'm wearing my new simple layered black dress, matched up with golden accents on  my necklace and my clutch (founded on my mom's closet, yeay!). Ended it up with my Farishfs babies, thanks to Novarinna and Maiia Chung. Hope you like it!

Oct 5, 2012


FAMOUS BRANDS EVERYWHERE. Of course, it's Paris, duh! More brands for you! Moreeeee! Honestly, on this fashion week, Paris most of all, I just easily fall in love with all the accessories, from hat, necklace, bag, clutch, shoes, all of them! So, here I giving you the next part!

Same day with John and Kenzo, Givenchy also nailed it, with some classy long dress and transparent shoes! I love it!! But I think, there's a lot of transparent theme for next spring, don't you think? Hermès giving a little bit touch of prints and fun colors, like a happy face when you try to wear it. And most of all, I love the super big Birkin! Love love totally love it! Then, Céline, when I saw Céline's collections, there's one word quickly across my mind, it's a 'gift'! Most of all pieces by their design was a cute twirl from the fabric that tied up like bow on a christmas gift, you know what I mean? Is totally cute yet cool. Chloé on the next day, I just simply love it, 'cause they using more silver accent, oh come on, who doesn't love silver? Then I give you, Chanel. The most classy high fashion brand for me. I just love Coco. Look how Karl do with their bag collections, it's a super big circle bag! I want to have one, please! Of course, also the shoes (literally, again). And the collections was so Coco,  simply simply love it. (Okay, I'm thinking I've said a lot of 'love' word, didn't I?). Whatever. Alexander McQueen! Look, their collections was blooming and huge! I kinda love that type of dress. Reminds me of the queens of yesterday greatest fashion. Valentino on the same day, again, it's transparent, their clutch, their heels, their wedges, totally in love with. And they also had a mint color for the evening clutch! Just my fav color! Next, Elie Saab and MiuMiu. Elie's collections was such a sweetheart! I love ALL the design. Every single pieces, every single detail. He's the winner of the day! Flipping from Eli's collections, MiuMiu also nailed it with a lot of fur. And when I saw the designs, it's just make me wants to cuddle my self, 'cause it so warm and comfy. Lol. Okay, a lot of descriptions here, then you should see every pieces! *scrolling*

Oct 4, 2012


IT'S TIME FOR PARIS! Yes, it is Paris. A bunch of glimpse of my favourites from Paris Fashion Week (of course, part one). Well, more designers, more collections, moreeeeee craving. Still *stealing* pict from, hope you enjoy!

Spring 2013 collection, from London, New York, even Paris were just so blew me away. Those designers idea were just breathtaking and never ending. Look how Lanvin work it out, so classy, so cool, oh geez I love their evening clutch so much. Balenciaga's twirl design also make me want to touch it! And at the same day, cool & silk touch from Barbara Bui & Nina Ricci was so amazing. On the next day, Christian Dior was such a winner to me, I love their shoes so much! That classy heels was "oohhhh". Lol. More prints and colour came from both Isabel Marant and Issey Miyake, so much fun!  And Yohji Yamamoto's was so chic. Here's come my love Viktor&Rolf, fun prints from Vivienne Westwood, and classy Neil Barret on the next day. Love V&R so much! Their shoes (again) was killing it! Gosh, I want them so bad. And for the end of PFW part one here, I give you the one and only John Galliano (believe me, the collections was soooo John) and Kenzo. Just keep scrolling down so you can enjoy the amazing collections!

Oct 3, 2012


GREY. Just doing some little experiment with Ron back day. Trying all black outfit, lol. What do you think? Did I nailed it? ;)

I'm choosing black peplum top and black asimmetrical short from my online store Zipper&Lace, dot  tights, completed it with my Zara's studded ankle strap and silver neck choker & bangle. But I think my ombre hair and silver accent from my neck choker and bangle giving a little bit 'colour', huh?

Oct 2, 2012


SEPTEMBER 2012. Yesterday Goodies. Not-so-much. It's been a busy month. I just adding my hand&neckpieces. Three stunning pieces, Minty Necklace, Golden Necklace, and Silver Snake Candy from Women Airlines and a birthday gift from my Novarinna & Maia Chung. I know it's quite a little goodies. But then, I just have to share it with you!


Oct 1, 2012


BROWN AND BERRY. That was two word on my mind when I wore this outfit yesterday. Sunday afternoon, just going on a date with Ron. Like we usually do everyday. And I'm back with my outfit post!

I decided to wore my new brown palazzo pants from my online store, Zipper&Lace. Mix it with my polka top and my red pumps, that you've already seen it here, or here. (Well, I can't get enough. Lol.) Completed with my silver bangles for another touch.