Oct 5, 2012


FAMOUS BRANDS EVERYWHERE. Of course, it's Paris, duh! More brands for you! Moreeeee! Honestly, on this fashion week, Paris most of all, I just easily fall in love with all the accessories, from hat, necklace, bag, clutch, shoes, all of them! So, here I giving you the next part!

Same day with John and Kenzo, Givenchy also nailed it, with some classy long dress and transparent shoes! I love it!! But I think, there's a lot of transparent theme for next spring, don't you think? Hermès giving a little bit touch of prints and fun colors, like a happy face when you try to wear it. And most of all, I love the super big Birkin! Love love totally love it! Then, Céline, when I saw Céline's collections, there's one word quickly across my mind, it's a 'gift'! Most of all pieces by their design was a cute twirl from the fabric that tied up like bow on a christmas gift, you know what I mean? Is totally cute yet cool. Chloé on the next day, I just simply love it, 'cause they using more silver accent, oh come on, who doesn't love silver? Then I give you, Chanel. The most classy high fashion brand for me. I just love Coco. Look how Karl do with their bag collections, it's a super big circle bag! I want to have one, please! Of course, also the shoes (literally, again). And the collections was so Coco,  simply simply love it. (Okay, I'm thinking I've said a lot of 'love' word, didn't I?). Whatever. Alexander McQueen! Look, their collections was blooming and huge! I kinda love that type of dress. Reminds me of the queens of yesterday greatest fashion. Valentino on the same day, again, it's transparent, their clutch, their heels, their wedges, totally in love with. And they also had a mint color for the evening clutch! Just my fav color! Next, Elie Saab and MiuMiu. Elie's collections was such a sweetheart! I love ALL the design. Every single pieces, every single detail. He's the winner of the day! Flipping from Eli's collections, MiuMiu also nailed it with a lot of fur. And when I saw the designs, it's just make me wants to cuddle my self, 'cause it so warm and comfy. Lol. Okay, a lot of descriptions here, then you should see every pieces! *scrolling*

And that's it, enough for Paris. I know, I know, you must be missing one famous brand. The elevator runway, squares everywhere, yellow, nude, even green. Yes! Louis Vuitton! I'll post about LV on the next post PFW Special, all the collections!! Just wait and doodling!

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