Jul 23, 2015


SHADES OF BLUE. Yes, another electric blue, my fav blue! Still in the spirits of holiday here! Well, at least, I am. I know it's late, but, Happy Eid Al Ftr for those who celebrating! Better late than never, aight? Ahh holiday days makes me really really lazy tho. Not thinking about my work at all. Just days  fill with my little boy and korean reality show, yes, I'm one of those Kpop-ers, but believe me, I'm not 'that' freak, like, we'll, never mind. I guess I am? Am I? :/

You guys've seen what I'm wearing for today's article, aight? (It's on my instagram, yes! Not finding me yet? You guys can find me  under the username: @czles, and yes, I'm on snapchat too!) I'm wearing top from my fav Jakarta-based online label, Runway. Paired it with my ripped jeans, which I never wear before (believe me, I buy this one when I was pregnant back then). I think it's just another lazy-outfit-day, like, one jeans like this can solve any problem. Because you don't have to try hard when you wear it, I mean, just jeans, and tee, and you already get the look. That's why I love denim so much. Who's with me? *raising hands*

Enough talking, hope you guys enjoy the shots! 'Till the next post (a little hint: all-black ftw!) Happy Thursday-post! xx