Jul 29, 2013


TRENDING. Dungarees kinda day, skirt-dungarees kinda day, suspender kinda day, suspender skirt kinda day. Those are my current obsession lately, I just can't get enough of them. Well, who doesn't fell for these trend? I guess not just me, but some of you guys might be collect them to, aight? Since it makes you look younger with a little bit kiddies (but, not too much) look, so why not?

I've got mine from QSA Hardwear, I just simply fall for this one when I first saw it and accidentally click 'buy'. Geez, shopping addicted, detected. Paired it with a little tank plus, my all-time white coat to cover those skin a bit. Enjoy the pics and Happy Monday-post! xx

Jul 22, 2013


RAINY DAYS. HA, weather these days... *sigh*, so freaking annoying. They're not friendly anymore, it kept raining and raining and raining like, seriously, I hate rain (well, I hate it a lot especially, when I'm outside my house). I can't take my outfit shots properly like usual. Ha, Sun, you mad?

I take this shots yesterday, after rain... *more sigh*. Wearing my new Two-Piece Suit from Persunmall that I received 3 days ago and I'm just like 'whoa, this is so cute, I'm gonna wear this suit so often', lol. Complete it with my stocking and heel-boots, and voila! Black and White all over again! xx

Jul 15, 2013


MY OTHER HALF. Hello Monday! I know, it's the laziest day of the week. Even I was woke up late this morning and (okay) came to work so late. Well, I guess everybody was surviving at the start of the week (always).

This outfit post is a little bit different. Why? I'm doing the same outfit shots (but different places) with my partner in crime ever, Novarinna from Chic Swank. We've always bought exactly same things (since we're clearly working together) but we 're very different in style. She's more like clearly vintage-feminine, and you know me, a more rock and less feminine. So, we decided to wear our twin dress with black stocking (that we've bought together too) but the best part is, we accidentally wore a black beanie (that we've bought together too, again) plus, a black leather jacket. How cool is that? Well then, enjoy the snaps! xx

Jul 12, 2013


1992. Yes, I was born on that year, it was the reason I've choose this 92 tee. Many people didn't recognize it. When I put my make up on, many people thinks I'm one or two year older than that, but when I didn't put my make up, everyone thinks I'm younger, even there's a few people thinks I'm still in high school. Lol. Well, people, I have smaller eyes if I didn't put my eyeliner.

It's been such a long time since the last time I wore my favorite Zara heeled-sandals, I've been wearing my cut out boots lately (well, such an obsession). I guess it match so well with my outfit that day. Grab my all-time white coat to cover it up, and there's the look! Enjoy the photos (sorry for the bad resolutions, again) and Happy Friday, everyone! xx

Jul 8, 2013


WHITE AND DENIM. I have to admit, that either white on white look or dungarees is on trend right now, aight? So, last Saturday, I was invited by WhatIWear team for attended Jakarta Fashion Blogger Gathering and the dress code was 'white on white' or 'dungarees'. And here's a quick snap of my outfit!

I wore my denim dungaree from Pull And Bear, and feels like a giant minions (well, at least I'm not wearing yellow tee then) and it was like an 'accidentally-on-purpose-oversized'. Small size and not fit me at all. *duh*

Jul 2, 2013


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REMINDER. Hello my lovelies! Okay well, yesterday (July 1st) Google Reader was already shutting down. So I'm here to invite you guys, to follow my blog via Bloglovin', here. You can also import all your favorite blogs from Google reader to Bloglovin', so you don't have to worry for losing all of them! So, I hope you guys still want to get updated to see my upcoming post, don't forget to follow Rebel's Mint Closet via Bloglovin' here! 'Till next post, guys! *kisses*