Nov 26, 2014


FINALLY I'M HERE. Yes, finally an outfit post for you! It feel like ages since my latest outfit post, right? I miss blogging, I miss writing things, I miss dressing-up, I miss bloggers life, lol. I wasn't able to attend some of many events during my pregnancy back then, I was just attend a few, really, and I was ridiculously envy my blogger fellas, Seriously! But now I'm trying to comeback!

So, I'm back with a comfy casual look for my comeback (seriously, it's getting weirder to say 'comeback' over again now, I feel like I'm a kpop artist or something). Anyway, I finally get myself a presents after not taking any for the past few months. Just got my slip on, on! Zara surely know me so well, they never failed treating me. *happyface* Wore it with Ron's shoulder patch sweater and my Forever21's faux leather shorts (how I miss this shorts!!) Also, my new Mixty Fox clutch by Odioli. Another monochromatic!

Well, better off now, my little dude is waking up soon! So happy to be back, 'till the next post! Happy Wednesday-post! xx

Nov 19, 2014


HELLO! My little dude says hi to all of you out there! Well first of all, I'm so sorry I'm not taking any outfit shots for ages, seriously I really look like a hippo and I don't really get that much intention to do that, even once. Hell yes, gained almost 20kgs from my usual weight, I think I better lay on my bed than try to look slimmer on cameras. Lol.