Nov 19, 2014


HELLO! My little dude says hi to all of you out there! Well first of all, I'm so sorry I'm not taking any outfit shots for ages, seriously I really look like a hippo and I don't really get that much intention to do that, even once. Hell yes, gained almost 20kgs from my usual weight, I think I better lay on my bed than try to look slimmer on cameras. Lol.

If you guys following me on instagram (@czles), you guys already know I just gave birth to this little dude amonth ago , and it changes a lot to my daily routines. Like, been staying up all day and night just to give my boy a bottle of milk. Dark circles everywhere and I really looked like a panda (well, I guess its good tho, more staying up late more weight loss, so I can back to my old shape asap, no exclusive diet, lol) Even now I got a little scar under my stomach, but its all worth it tho, and I'm enjoying my new routines as a mom, just to see my baby growing up slowly but surely.

I know you guys miss me, right? Lol. I feel like I'm talking to myself. Seriously, I miss taking outfit shots and I miss my old size! Like, everytime I see my ripped shorts on my closet I was like, GOSH SERIOUSLY I HAVE TO EXERCISE RIGHT AWAY AND WEAR THOSE SHIT AGAIN FOR GOD SAKE. So yeah, those things always in my head, so guys, you don't have to worry, I will be back for an outfit post! Just, don't leave me now. Lol. Well that's all for today, I'd better off right away 'cause I think my dude is gonna wakky-wakky!

So here's a few captures of my baby Dale, even more cuter with baby stuff from @kiddomami, yes? Well, this is the first time my little dude appear on my blog, but he's already got some sponsor, seriously? Momma's proud! Lol! Well, better off, Happy Monday-post, 'till the next one! xx



  1. aww congratulations on your little boy :)
    He looks so cute! :3 Wishing you and your son the best!
    Hope to see your outfit posts soon ^^

  2. Hi anakku.. Hap hap.. miss u cute boy
    mwah mwah

    Chic Swank

  3. Aaah he's so cute! <33

  4. congratulation on your cute son <3


  5. Ur baby is soo so cute
    U are so lucky
    God bless

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