Dec 23, 2013


THE GATHERING. I know, I know, it's already 2 weeks after this OOTD INDO 's first gathering at Jakarta Fashion Market, located at F'X Sudirman, Jakarta. And yes, you guys already seen these looks or those random shots about the gathering from my instagram: @czles, or OOTD INDO's instagram: @ootdindo, or maybe from OOTD INDO's Facebook Fanpage. Well, I hope you guys not bored already!

This Basic look kinda day. I wore my favorite cropped sweatshirt with this skirt-this bag-and this boots, again, yes, again. I just added a little pop of yellow on my socks for a different touch (well, I hope so). Just, enjoy the photos guys, seriously. It's just 2 days before Christmas! Can't wait, can't wait, so excited! You guys too, right? Happy Monday-post! xx

Dec 16, 2013


ANOTHER MATCHING SUITS. How's your weekend guys? Mine was awesome! I was attending Djakarta Warehouse Project 2013 (#dwp13) at Eco Park, Ancol on Friday (Dec 13), it was super an unforgettable moment! If you following my instagram account: @czles, you knew I put a little video when the man, David Guetta was performing. Haven't see it yet? Click here. Haven't follow my instagram, yet? Click here! Lol.

Move on to my outfit, I was wearing my new matching suits from Persunmall, along with my Firmoo glasses (oh, when the last time I wore this? I feel like I'm stuck with my lenon glasses somehow) and my favorite shoes from UP. How I love matching suits (like this one I've got here, mine was came in Green color, but they having another lovable color: Navy Blue!), and of course, how I love Persunmall products! They always have a lot of great stuff, with an affordable prices. Haven't shops from their website? Go click, click, and clicks here!

Dec 9, 2013


AGAIN. How's your Monday guys? Another boring Monday okay I know, working again, boring again, but it's Monday-post again! *yeay* So, yesterday I was attending OOTD INDO'S 1st Gathering and it was so fun! I love making new friends! But no, I'm not wearing this outfit for the gathering, but I will post my gathering outfit on my next post for sure! Feel free to follow my twitter or instagram account: @czles for more daily updates.

And yes, I'm repeat-ing my outfit, I've been already wore this vest from Persunmall, this bag that also from Persunmall, also this boots that you've seen it on my last week post (not gonna lie, I am crazy about this wedges-boots here, totally). Well, it's not wrong to repeat clothes, or even outfit, even popstar repeat their clothes. Or looks. Whatever. Enough, just enjoy the post and Happy Monday-post! 'Till the next post! xx

Dec 4, 2013


PRISONER. Do you want to build a snowman? Lol. I've just watched Disney Frozen 2 days ago with Ron. I love Elsa, and yes, their songs keeps my head so busy, 'till now, and I guess, tomorrow, and the day after, and I don't know. Idina's voice is seriously stunning and memorable. "For the first timeee in foreverrrrrrr" ~ keep singing, just ignore me, yes, yes...

Back to the reality, yes, you guys must've been curious why I wrote that Prisoner around the snowman thing. Well, it just my theme about my outfit here, I guess. I wore my Stradivarius turtleneck top with my black pinafore and yes, my new Wedges Boots from WHOLESALE IT ONLINE. I'm so in love with this one, my current favorite boots these days, seriously. It looks thick but it's so freakin' slight. Wholesale It Online is a global online webstore based in Shanghai, China. They're selling a lot of good stuff with (seriously) an affordable prices but with a (really) great quality, that's why the're called "The Cheap Trendy Clothing Shoes Online Store". They're not only selling Clothing, Shoes, Bag, or Accessories for women, they're also selling Men's Clothing! Just check their website and go grab some!