Nov 19, 2014


HELLO! My little dude says hi to all of you out there! Well first of all, I'm so sorry I'm not taking any outfit shots for ages, seriously I really look like a hippo and I don't really get that much intention to do that, even once. Hell yes, gained almost 20kgs from my usual weight, I think I better lay on my bed than try to look slimmer on cameras. Lol.

Jun 30, 2014


HAPPY. I don't even know what to say in this post. Honestly, I don't even think I will post this on my blog, at the first time, but now you see I already change my mind. So yes, I'm pregnant now. Actually, I'm 5month plus plus (almost 6mo) preggo already. So many people were concern about this. Some asking and some just 'guessing', especially on my account. I don't want people think that I'm hiding my marriage status either my pregnancy, you see I always with my husband when attending fashion event and a lot of my blogger friends already know about this. Well for you whose only 'guessing', let me clear this now. I'm already and legally married last November, even I haven't share it on my blog (but if you look closely and follow my activity, there was me, as a bride, wearing the same flower crown with the one I wore here, at one of my photos on my instagram). Just because I'm young and had big belly already, it seriously doesn't mean that I'm 'accidentally married'. So, for you, you, or you who think that way, you can count for yourself, but thank you so much for your concern. Happy to know there's a lot of people care about me tho. Lol.

Jun 25, 2014


FLOUNCING SKIRT. I know, I know, I'm not a good blogger for these past few weeks. So sorry! But you know, I'm still quite active by attending fashion events and sharing my routines on my instagram. Please! Feel free to follow: @czles. :D

So as I said before, yes, skirt. Told ya' there will be another skirt! This one I got here is from Persunmall. I just love it as quick as I look upon their website. Come on, who doesn't? This flouncing skirt looks so great when you put it on, plus, it also looks so darn great to combine with any top. That's why I love it sooo much! Even it's a skirt, (though I don't wear skirt too much) this one is an exception because it's black! Lol. You know I don't do light color too much. Plus! The skirt was not the only thing, I also got this lovely sunnies from Persunmall! This Stylish Flip Round Sunglasses really made a little bit of Gaga look, don't you think?

Well I hope you guys enjoy the shots and 'till the next post (I'll share some surprise! Can you guess? I'm so excited tho I was a little confused for the first time, whether I should tell you guys or not, but it decided now! I hope you guys as excited as I am!) Happy Wednesday-post! xx