Jan 25, 2013


STILL FRESH. My first instagram post, yeay! If you've been reading my blog everyday, well I mean, every post, you've must known I just created my own Instagram last month. Here, I gave you all photos from the first time I created my account, quite cheesy, but okay, such a fun things actually. So guys, if you want to see my daily actions trough some photos, you can follow me with the username @czles, is a same one for my twitter account! Enjoy the pictures and Happy Friday! xx

Jan 15, 2013


ANOTHER HOUNDSTOOTH. Okay, you guys can hate me now. But being missing a week from my blog was not a bad idea actually. Why? Well, just laying on my bed, getting my hair and nails done after work, was such a blessing, and really really relaxing time, of course there's still a lot of works to do, but hey? Why don't you move a little bit and take some nap for awhile before doing another full task, that's a good thing actually.

Yesterday I was attend a wedding invitation at Shangrilla Hotel, (you can follow me on Instagram: @czles, to have a quick updates of my daily) so I just pick another of my houndstooth dress, this Zara one is so elegant, and guess what? It's on sale now! You can go to Zara's outlet near you and find these dress and another good stuff, trust me! To pair these elegant dress, I'm choosing  my another Zara studded ankle strap (it's on sale too!!) to add a little 'not-so-feminime' thing, you know? Fine, whatever I hope you enjoy the outfit and sorry for some bad photos, the resolutions was not right, I'm trying my best!

Jan 3, 2013


IT'S 2013!! HAPPY NEW YEAR GUYS! It's officially 2013, am greeting you guys and wishing you all a very happy year! Can't believe it's 2013 already, there's so much memories on back year, lots of laugh, tears, happiness, and more. We all had to move on, do we? And now am ready for this year, and I hope you guys too!

Christmas, New Year's Eve, New Year, it's the most beautiful time of the year, don't you think? It's so magical! (Ok, I think am high, just excuse me.) I just love those holidays, spending time with family & beloved one. Feeling special 'cause of those Christmas presents, enjoying Christmas Carol, and wearing a New Year's Eve hat. Lol. Can't get enough for those stuff.

Anyway, I'm wearing my new red coat here, I'm so in love with it. It's so comfortable to wear. Thanks to Cin's, I can wear it not only for a winter season, but every season I think, 'cause the fabric is not so thin, not so thick. Stick with my black tights, shorts, and booties to keep me warm from wearing a brocade flower crop as an inner. And oh, do you realize something? New iPhone case, happy! Kate Spade edition from GirlsVintage, go check their instagram account for more product! And of course, don't just stop there, also visit my instagram account, still new here! Happy New Year Fellas!!