Nov 18, 2013


MY FAKE TWINNIE. Meet my fake twin: Novarinna Tan from Chic Swank. Here's our first ever shots together (see her post here), shots by her lovely boyfriend & photographer: Albert Winata. Everyone keeps telling us that we're twins. Biologically, literally. But guys, do we? Do you guys agree? Because we seriously think that we both so different, especially our style!

I've just known her since two years ago, but we feel seriously close to each other, especially, we share some works together (read: we both work as fashion designer in the same office) lol. She's my partner in crime on blogging, we're starting our blogs together. Getting bigger together. Besides, getting known together as twins. We're also meets and joins another fashion blogger gathering together. She's my big sister. So are you guys curious for another shots? Click for more!

Nov 11, 2013


ANOTHER DIAMOND. First of all, HELLO guys! It's been almost 2 weeks since I publish my latest outfit post (it's really feel like ages, duh), and here I am, I'm back! I've been busy preparing things and things and things and soooooo many things for my 'big' day (curious enough? :p) But I just feel so bad when I was not publishing any post at all. Well then, I'm back anyway.

I've got this cutie diamond crop top from Tipsy Bangkok on instagram, simply fell in love with it, so seriously comfortable. You might remember I've wore another diamond top (you can see it here) then this time is just another version. You look my sunnies here? You saw it earlier if you follow me on instagram: @czles, I got this little mirror sunnies from Stylecorner_Shop (also on instagram) it's so seriously cute! And yes, about the shoes, this one is my first design when I was in college, along with my first collection called The Empowering Women, you can see one of them here. Well enjoy the photos and 'till the next post. Happy Monday-post! xx