Jul 31, 2012


RIPPED. Another outfit playing of the day. A simple 'everyday' look, basic flower print sleveeless shirt with ripped accent on the legwear and complete it with edgy rings, to make it quite bit chic.

I'm wearing my sleeveless flower print shirt from my online store, Zipper&Lace, my favourite wedges from famous Indonesian Fashion Blogger, Diana Rikasari (you can visit her online store hereit's not a sponsored post, I'm just sharing), and my not-so-new sunnies that I never worn before

Jul 30, 2012


GREEN TRIBAL. Long time no post! How's your weekend? :D I'm back with my feminime outfit. A simple look for playing a lot of outfit with my camera, Cleo. (Yes, I've named my Canon, Cleo Konstantina La Scatarre :p)

Just playing with my crop sleveeless tribal top and my new skirt with my favourite colour, Green! Complete it with wooden necklace and cute owl ring, from AccessorieStudio.

Jul 20, 2012


SWEATERS ON SUNNIES. Another sunny day here in Jakarta! But I don't have any idea either why am I wearing a sweater! Haha.  I'm wearing this knitten sweater from my online store, Zipper&Lace. Just so comfortable for a daily-casual short-time lunch, but not recomended for such an daily long here in Jakarta! 'Cause it's too hot in this city.

Wearing this platform again, can't resist! It's so comfortable and (also) it's a gift from my lovely! So, never get bored to wear them! <3

Jul 19, 2012


CROCHET. Last Sunday, I just took an outfit picture to share to you guys! So, it's a new outfist post! It's a so-damn-hot sunny day at Jakarta that day, so I decided to take a picture inside the house. You can see it by yourself, I think the sun is angry that time. *sigh

I know, I know, there's many photos with bad noise and bad quality, even bad background (Yes, there's a broom!), just forgive me for that!

Jul 18, 2012


TEE AND SHORTS. Just another lazy day at my office. Sitting so damn-bored for such many hours. So, here's guys, a little (still) an old outfit post to share from me! Just keep waiting for the new one! ;)

And I'm wearing some loose print tee from Giordano that I've got when am taking some vacation to Singapore last year. And combine it with ripped shorts (also from Singapore!) and an old stuff accessories.

Jul 17, 2012


HELLO! This is my first outfit post (in this blog). Such an old outfit post, you know? Well, just try to writing again since a longlong time ago I used to had some blog when I was in highschool (now it's gone!).

So, that day am wearing some Red Asimetric Dress from my online store Zipper&Lace. (You can find it on facebook here.) And complete it with my Straw Hat, brown accessories, and platform.