Dec 23, 2013


THE GATHERING. I know, I know, it's already 2 weeks after this OOTD INDO 's first gathering at Jakarta Fashion Market, located at F'X Sudirman, Jakarta. And yes, you guys already seen these looks or those random shots about the gathering from my instagram: @czles, or OOTD INDO's instagram: @ootdindo, or maybe from OOTD INDO's Facebook Fanpage. Well, I hope you guys not bored already!

This Basic look kinda day. I wore my favorite cropped sweatshirt with this skirt-this bag-and this boots, again, yes, again. I just added a little pop of yellow on my socks for a different touch (well, I hope so). Just, enjoy the photos guys, seriously. It's just 2 days before Christmas! Can't wait, can't wait, so excited! You guys too, right? Happy Monday-post! xx

Dec 16, 2013


ANOTHER MATCHING SUITS. How's your weekend guys? Mine was awesome! I was attending Djakarta Warehouse Project 2013 (#dwp13) at Eco Park, Ancol on Friday (Dec 13), it was super an unforgettable moment! If you following my instagram account: @czles, you knew I put a little video when the man, David Guetta was performing. Haven't see it yet? Click here. Haven't follow my instagram, yet? Click here! Lol.

Move on to my outfit, I was wearing my new matching suits from Persunmall, along with my Firmoo glasses (oh, when the last time I wore this? I feel like I'm stuck with my lenon glasses somehow) and my favorite shoes from UP. How I love matching suits (like this one I've got here, mine was came in Green color, but they having another lovable color: Navy Blue!), and of course, how I love Persunmall products! They always have a lot of great stuff, with an affordable prices. Haven't shops from their website? Go click, click, and clicks here!

Dec 9, 2013


AGAIN. How's your Monday guys? Another boring Monday okay I know, working again, boring again, but it's Monday-post again! *yeay* So, yesterday I was attending OOTD INDO'S 1st Gathering and it was so fun! I love making new friends! But no, I'm not wearing this outfit for the gathering, but I will post my gathering outfit on my next post for sure! Feel free to follow my twitter or instagram account: @czles for more daily updates.

And yes, I'm repeat-ing my outfit, I've been already wore this vest from Persunmall, this bag that also from Persunmall, also this boots that you've seen it on my last week post (not gonna lie, I am crazy about this wedges-boots here, totally). Well, it's not wrong to repeat clothes, or even outfit, even popstar repeat their clothes. Or looks. Whatever. Enough, just enjoy the post and Happy Monday-post! 'Till the next post! xx

Dec 4, 2013


PRISONER. Do you want to build a snowman? Lol. I've just watched Disney Frozen 2 days ago with Ron. I love Elsa, and yes, their songs keeps my head so busy, 'till now, and I guess, tomorrow, and the day after, and I don't know. Idina's voice is seriously stunning and memorable. "For the first timeee in foreverrrrrrr" ~ keep singing, just ignore me, yes, yes...

Back to the reality, yes, you guys must've been curious why I wrote that Prisoner around the snowman thing. Well, it just my theme about my outfit here, I guess. I wore my Stradivarius turtleneck top with my black pinafore and yes, my new Wedges Boots from WHOLESALE IT ONLINE. I'm so in love with this one, my current favorite boots these days, seriously. It looks thick but it's so freakin' slight. Wholesale It Online is a global online webstore based in Shanghai, China. They're selling a lot of good stuff with (seriously) an affordable prices but with a (really) great quality, that's why the're called "The Cheap Trendy Clothing Shoes Online Store". They're not only selling Clothing, Shoes, Bag, or Accessories for women, they're also selling Men's Clothing! Just check their website and go grab some!

Nov 18, 2013


MY FAKE TWINNIE. Meet my fake twin: Novarinna Tan from Chic Swank. Here's our first ever shots together (see her post here), shots by her lovely boyfriend & photographer: Albert Winata. Everyone keeps telling us that we're twins. Biologically, literally. But guys, do we? Do you guys agree? Because we seriously think that we both so different, especially our style!

I've just known her since two years ago, but we feel seriously close to each other, especially, we share some works together (read: we both work as fashion designer in the same office) lol. She's my partner in crime on blogging, we're starting our blogs together. Getting bigger together. Besides, getting known together as twins. We're also meets and joins another fashion blogger gathering together. She's my big sister. So are you guys curious for another shots? Click for more!

Nov 11, 2013


ANOTHER DIAMOND. First of all, HELLO guys! It's been almost 2 weeks since I publish my latest outfit post (it's really feel like ages, duh), and here I am, I'm back! I've been busy preparing things and things and things and soooooo many things for my 'big' day (curious enough? :p) But I just feel so bad when I was not publishing any post at all. Well then, I'm back anyway.

I've got this cutie diamond crop top from Tipsy Bangkok on instagram, simply fell in love with it, so seriously comfortable. You might remember I've wore another diamond top (you can see it here) then this time is just another version. You look my sunnies here? You saw it earlier if you follow me on instagram: @czles, I got this little mirror sunnies from Stylecorner_Shop (also on instagram) it's so seriously cute! And yes, about the shoes, this one is my first design when I was in college, along with my first collection called The Empowering Women, you can see one of them here. Well enjoy the photos and 'till the next post. Happy Monday-post! xx

Oct 28, 2013


ONE TONE. You know me, I'd rather choose dark colors for my outfit, when I have to choose light color, it's only white or maybe light grey. But chill guys, sometimes I'd rather choose light or colorful colors too, yes, sometimes. You seen my outfit post from 2 weeks ago, I was wearing galaxy legging, which is when I was playing with other light color, but here again, I've already addicted.

Black is the most easiest outfit to paired with, but why not to wear it without any other color? That, can make you look a little classy and high. If you following me on instagram: @czles (if you haven't, feel free to follow me!), you already knew this outfit. I wore this black-on-black outfit when I was attending OOTD Indonesia gathering with other bloggers & fashion lovers. I was wearing (okay, again) my turtleneck top from Forever 21 with my current black blazer from H&M. I don't think I need other color for these shots, since my hair colors was already bright, agree? Enjoy the photos and tell me what do you think about it! Happy Monday-post! xx

Oct 21, 2013


THIS GREY PULLOVER. I always love Persunmall 's products, they always have a great stuff with great details, and awesomely great price. Like this one right here. My new favorite sweatshirt from Persun. I've got this awesome pullover from Persunmall, last week. I'm like, amazed from the first time this lover came to my doorstep. Those cutouts details is something I most attracted to. I've been wearing it a couple times since the day this baby arrived, and I can't help when people's staring at it, like it's the most amazing sweater ever.

So for today's post (yes, finally, an outfit post! I'm so busy these days, forgive me for the lack of outfit post), I was wearing this baby with the lazy outfit theme. You know, when you feel so busy and not even think about some fashion outfit, you just want to wear something comfy, 'cause you're too lazy to styled yourself. Like that. This one is just one of so many lazy outfits I've been wearing. I wore it with my black pinafore (that you've already seen it here) again, my cutouts boots again, and my new H&M blazer. Short writing and not-so-many photos (busy days!), but I Hope you guys enjoy it, and 'till the next post. Happy Monday-post! xx

Oct 16, 2013


SHOES AT MARTOFCHINA.COM. I can't stop staring at those boots section on Seriously. I can't help to not share the awesomeness to you guys! Those amazing shoes and those affordable prices. Like, imagine these cuties I've share with you guys, is only started from $14! Mart Of China also have a lot of amazing shoes (platforms, boots, heels, wedges, also sandals) under $15. Everyone crazy for it! So, what'd you guys waiting for? Go check their website: now. PS: They're having a sale UP to 30% off! Click the jumpbreak, scroll more, grab your magic card to checkout, and Happy Wednesday-post! xx

Oct 10, 2013


GALAXY LEGGINGS PART II. Well, back on May, I already make an outfit post with Romwe galaxy legging, you can see it here, and today is for the other one. I know the galaxy things trends was already left back behind, but then I've just noticed this lovely leggings just hangin' in my deepest closet-rack. I was like, what, I never wore this, also I never post about this one, so, why not?

I always having a hard-time decision when I have to match this kind of legging, you know, it's so colorful like, you can't do wrong with this one. First problem, I'm not the type of girl who like to wore many prints/colorful outfits, you know and you've seen it, most of my post is just white, black or any dark color, and most of all is just one-or-two-tone-outfits, well, I'm not that good at mixing prints. *sigh* If you match it with the wrong colors, wrong prints, or with the wrong type of top, you may look so cheap and disaster, and peoples would just says: 'what is she wearing?' or 'why did she wore that, is she going to perform something or what?'. You guys doesn't want those things happen, right? And my second problem is, I don't have a skinny legs or skinny thigh. Yes, darn it. So I always ended up so envy with those skinny legs girls, who can wore any type of leggings and match it with crop top! And because of those problems, the results is ended up like this: I grabbed my mom's plaid shirt, tied it on my waist for giving my thigh look, more skinnier, ha! *evil laugh* and I can match my galaxy legging with cropped top. *more evil laugh* I hope this helps you guys who has the same problems like mine. Enjoy the photos and Happy Thursday-post! xx

Oct 7, 2013


PARIS. Fashion Month for S/S 2014 RTW was finished already, so it's time for the last recap of it, here we are for Paris! My love for this city is always growing every time I started to think about it, and for me, Paris is always the winner for a fashion month. Well, are you ready?

Day one. I can't take my eyes off from PIECE D'ANARCHIVE (photo above) and ANTHONY VACCARELLO (photo below). Those squares details on Piece d'Anarchive collections is just amazing, and those shoes? You guys can't ever say 'no', aight? Vaccarello's S/S2014 collections is a lover. Those triangle cuts for those beautiful skirts were just perfect for the next spring. Want to see more? Click the jumpbreak and drool more!

Oct 3, 2013


TOO SCHOOL FOR COOL. Lol. Pink's lyric was on my mind while I writing today's post, and this outfit-post make me miss my high-school *feel old already, huh?* Actually, I've just missed an-almost-10hrs-a-day-with-my-bff those days, also my cheerio! (Yes, I'm a cheerleadancer on my high school -and after school too, but I'm quitting 2 years ago when I've started my working days.) Well, the problem is, I'm so jelly looking at those school uniforms these days, it just cuter than mine before. I was like, geez, 'imagine if I wore those cut out boots to my school-days', or, 'I'm going to wore those cute backpacks to school if I'm still in high school', seriously, what's wrong to school-fashion back then?? *mad, super mad*

Well, while speaking non-sense and mad about nothing and don't know whose to blame, let's just focus on my outfit post today! I guess these checker-tartan-square-ish patterns is all over the world these days, which I don't want to miss. So I just grab Ron's shirt (yes, it's Ron's, it explain it's so oversized, aight?) ,my current skirt, and of course, my favorite mini bag from Persunmall, I already told you guys before here, I can't get enough of this cutie! So, enjoy the pics and Happy Thursday post! xx

Sep 30, 2013


MILAN. Well, I used to post this on Saturdate-post, but I was forgot. Korean drama series was completely taking my time, these days (Asian problem, I guess? lol). So, this time is for Milan Fashion Week, my favorite one after New York. Milan FW was completely insane,. From the first day, Milan never stop blew people away. Well then, ready for it?

First day of MFW, I was amazed by DSQUARED², also NO. 21. Red-Orange-ish lips on DSQUARED² (photo above) is making the collection work even better, you can see it became more fierce with those models legs. Werk! Pale face on NO. 21 (photo below) make the collections more classy than ever, I love the black sheer dress (2nd photo below) and the white suits (3rd photo below) even more, those are in, inside my bucket list! Check!

Sep 23, 2013


OMBRE SHORTS. I know you must be curious about the title here, I'm listening to Gomez's Slow Down song while writing this, so, this's just happen. If you guys follow me on instagram: @czles (if you haven't, feel free to follow!), you've guys seen this outfit before. Yes, I've made a little sneak-peek outfit-video for today's outfit post. I know, the ombré seasons was already left behind, but I can't help it when I saw this lovely shorts on Chicnova for the first time, and when this cutie arrived to my doorstep last week, I'm just too excited to wear it over and over again (well, I guess I'm always that excited when something new came to my doorstep). Just go check and you'll never regret it! (Psst, they're having a super great sale!)

Paired this cutie shorts with my favorite  Forever 21 turtleneck top, I just love this top so much (read: I love turtleneck top) it's making me look more skinny-er, lol. Then, grabbing my denim shirt for an outerwear, with blue socks and Up wedges on my feet. Voila! There's the look! Happy Monday-post! xx

Sep 20, 2013


LONDON.  London's fashion week for S/S 14 is already passed, now its time for recap! Honestly, for me, New York is doing much better than London for this season. You know, when I saw all of London's collection, I'm just, well this isn't hard to pick, so much easier than NY (you've seen my NYFW recap, it's so hard to pick which one's better, I'm just like put so much collections images in one article, insane.) But, there's so many great collections too, and here, I give you my favorites.

On the first day, I just can't take my eyes off from FELDER FELDER (photo above) and JEAN-PIERRE BRAGANZA (photo below). The German Felder twins is never disappointing all eyes in London. Come on, look at those plastic fabrics, so breathtaking, also I love how they do the fabrics on their collections, fantastic details. JPB collections was such a cutie (yet cool). He's inspired by his daughter (with her friends) while wearing a school uniforms, so adorable! Jean also give a sporty touch to complete the collections. Amaing isn't it? (Click the jumpbreak and drool more!)

Sep 16, 2013


MINI BAG. I love wearing mini bags like this for the past few days. It's like caring a bag without pain at all. You know, when you caring a big one, there's a time you will feel so exhausted to hold it and just ask the man to hold it, yes, it's happen to me and Ron. Lol. So, when this little thing from Persunmall, came to my doorstep, I just can't help to just wear it only once. I've just keep wearing it since it came to me last Wednesday.

This look here is the one from many looks that I've wore with this cutie pie. I wore my new denim suits from Romwe and complete it with my Forever21 Jacket. And yes, you've seen it here, I'm wearing my new blue beanie, I just love the color, it feels like I'm inside the winter situation, but no, Jakarta's keeps getting hotter and hotter and hotter *sigh* (well at least I'm trying.) So, enjoy the pics and Happy Monday-post! xx

Sep 14, 2013


NEW YORK. It's been a week already, when the Big Apple started their fashion week for this year RTW. Now everybody's moving to London for another fashion week, so it's time for NYFW recap!

Started from the first day, on the 4th of September, I love how Kaelen Haworth do for her KAELEN 's S/S2014 (photo above). She's using menswear-inspired pattern like houndstooth, herringbone, and glen plaid. Shes's also using tweed! My favorites of her is the 2nd photo from above. Move on to LISA PERRY, 'tennis' is the one word that straight trough my mind when I was stare at her new collection. Minimalism and all-white situation definitely stay on my mind (photo below). I always love how John Patrick do with his ORGANIC, simple, but so classic yet modern, same as he do for his S/S2014 collection, everyone's love it! ROBERT RODRIGUEZ 's collection also have a place on my mind, black-white also edgy prints was never be mistaken! (Photo below after the jumpbreak.)

Sep 9, 2013


WITH FAKE LEATHER CAP AGAIN. Another basic-to-go-outfit I want to share with you guys! Perfect for daily outfit and so comfortable to wear for your hectic Monday, like mine (sitting on my working chair while the other bloggers are busy with New York, ah so jelllyy!) I've just love wearing basic outfit these days, nah, who doesn't?

Different from the first one, this look is more street and comfy. I've got this cutie denim shorts from my fake twinie, Novarinna from Chic Swank (like usual, she's got one too, so you'll see her look with this shorts soon!) I love this shorts so much 'cause it's so comfortable to wear and it's suits me. I paired this cutie pie with a little dot tights inside and my recent sweatshirt from Trafaluc. Again with my favorite cap, and there's the look! Enjoy the pics and Happy Monday! xx

Sep 6, 2013


MART OF CHINA. Today I'll introduce you to one of my favorite website that I've just found out, www.MartOfChina.comMart Of China is a China based global online wholesaler. They're selling so many beautiful stuff with an affordable prices, seriously really affordable! I almost cried happily tho. From Men's Clothing, Women's Clothing, Accessories, Bag, Jewelry, to (of course) Women's Shoes (this is the best part.) As you can see on the first picture above, they have a lot of smokin'-hot shoes, I can't help it seriously, most of all, their price is started just from $15, but also there's shoes under $15, and clothes under $8! How cool is that?

Sep 2, 2013


WITH FAKE LEATHER CAP. It's Monday again. Working day again (I know, I know, I hope you guys can bare with my useless words about Monday, since I always complaining about it), but as usual, it's Monday-post again and I have to cheer myself up to make my Monday looks happier from time to time.

It's my basic-to-go-outfit this time, and I'm so excited! Maybe it's only because the cap, I think. I've been searching for this cap like crazy time ago, and when I first saw it on Stradivarius website, I can't wait long time enough, and finally made it. This cap is seriously easy to match with any outfit, and now it's my current favorite one. For this one, I matched the cap with my denim skirt and my (also) current favorite crop tee. And I can't get enough since this outfit makes me looks taller! Enjoy the pics and happy Monday-post! xx

Aug 27, 2013


LET'S TALK ABOUT HAIR. I know I've missed my Monday-post yesterday, but hey I'm back with (I hope) some useful post for you guys who's having a sensitive head. You guys remember how my hair (and head) going on last time I dyed my hair (you can see it here, if you haven't read about it), and yes, it's a total disaster (you can see it at my first photo above). I love my hair so much, I love to dyed my hair and tried another color besides my black head. But the last time I dyed my hair was making me into a hair-dyed-traumatic. You know, my head was getting bigger and hurt, and itchy, and it so freaking annoys me, also the color result was so dissapointing. And I felt like "No, I'm not going to dyed my hair again, No." But then, my hair color was really make me so mad from time to time, the color was seriously a total disaster and I feel I'm gonna dyed it again, but only a half part like ombre. Because I really don't want to hurt my head ever again.

So in searching a pretty color for my 'ombre-all-over-again'  I found this website:, is a hair product website, based on Hong Kong. Especially, they're selling real hair extensions (yes, real, 100% Human Hair) with a top grade-quality products at rock-bottom price. Interesting, huh? There's so many type, like Clip In Hair, Micro Ring/Loop Hair (now on sale up to 65% OFF!), Brazillian Hair, Weft/Weave Hair, also Fusion./ Pre Bonded Hair. I found this website really helps me a lot, I'm directly think that I don't have to dyed my hair again and face my trauma because I can get a hair extensions, of course, it doesn't change my hair color, but at least, all I have to do is make a new do to make my hair looks better than a disaster one. At my case, I want my ombre hair back (like my photo below), and all I have to do is click-ing buy on SeekHair products and change my do with their clip on hair or their tape in hair in other color. I hope this post is useful to you who had a trauma case just like me. An easy way, and not gonna hurt your sensitive head.

Aug 19, 2013


BACK TO REALITY. HA! It's Monday again and it means, time to start working again after the holiday. *exhale* I'm sitting here at my not-so-comfy office chair, writing this post, while I was feeling sad yet mad about my loss, my pretty bunny, MiuMiu, died yesterday (I have 2 lovely bunny, the other one name is Prada, now Prada gonna miss her youngest sister ever). Ahhh, I'm so frustrated.

Even tho monday is always a full boring working day, at least, there's a bright side about this day, yes! A Monday-post! *suddenly excited* Last Friday I've got this lovable jumpsuit from Persunmall, and I'm so freaking happy because it suit me perfectly. I love the fabric and those gold zippers details was completely make this lovely jumpsuit even more cooler. Hope you guys enjoy the pics and please excuse my fatter body and some blurry pics. Happy Monday! xx