May 27, 2015


EYES & CHAIN. Another Wednesday posting mood. How's your day going? I've been so freakin' busy these days, too much work. The perks of being a mom, a wife, and a girl. I am now working for something exciting things, which I can't wait to tell you more about it! Gonna be proud of myself if this thing going as I plan! *finger cross*

Here, I am wearing my new one-piece dress from Choies. You know, this eye-catchy-eyes-print was already goes around the trend, so now I'm giving myself a little try, and I love it! 'Been repeatedly wearing this dress all over again. Just can't get enough of it!

To complete my look, I'm wearing my new chain necklace from Bae Collection, you can find them on instagram: @baecollectionx. There's a lot of stylish yet affordable accessories, which I believe you guys gonna love it. So long wait no more and take a look!

I guess that's enough for today, hope you enjoy the shots and 'till the next post! Happy Wednesday-post! Psssttttttt, video-bonus below! xx

May 20, 2015


TEE&JEANS. Yes, I'm back with my lazy outfit, which is not so important to blog it 'but post it anyway, lol. You know, when you didn't have much time to play around inside your closet, because there's so many task to do. Or maybe didn't have that much time for just looking another outfit, so you'll only grab the one that placed at the top of your wardrobe which is the one that fresh from the laundry. Yes, those times. Everyone had it. I bet you too.

I'm wearing tee from Ghaida Project, you can find them on instagram: @ghaidaproject. The jeans is unbranded which I find inside my moms closet and I knew it because she loves diggin' thrifted things, you know, moms.... And wore this shoe again that I got from Pershoenalize not sooooooooo long ago.

Well enough bragging, and there's not much to talk about since it's just one of those simple casual jeans outfit. But I hope you enjoy the shots! You guys also can find me on social media like snapchat & instagram (under the same username: @czles), because I think I'm addicted to it, well, snapchat obviously. Lol. 'Till the next post, Happy Wednesday-post! xx