Mar 30, 2013


LOCALBRANDID COMPETITION. So, I'm gonna post this article very quick. (You can follow my instagram: @czles for more quick updates). I'm entering Local Brand Id Competition, the theme is Pattern-Look. And I came up with my galaxy top (well, I know it's the hottest trend anymore, but okay I need it) and my flower cardigan.

It's probably not my usual style (I will back with my usual style!), well, I'm not into those pattern stuff thingy, I just like my print tee better, and I know this look looks like a bit pale. Well, okay I'm trying, so back off, people! Lol.

Mar 25, 2013


GOING LITTLE GIRLY. HA! When the last time you guys see me wearing light color? And in yellow, maybe? I guess, my late summer post was the last article am wearing this pretty color. Well, I'm not into this feminime type or whatever it is. I usually wore my white or black tee, white or black short, or again white or black shoes, or maybe any darker color, you can see my previous post, am wearing black, white, red, or dark blue. And I don't even realize it when my partner, Novarinna told me about it. Lol. Well, I guess I need a little bit more colors for this blog, hmm do I?

By the way, I'm so in love with my yellow lace dress right here. It' so extremely comfy! I wore this outfit yesterday (you guys can follow me on instagram @czles for more updates). It's perfectly suits my body and makes me looks like a bit skinny-er! *evil laugh* I've got this dress from my sister from Malaysia, I really love it. Matched it up with my mom's old denim vest that I randomly found on my closet, and still fit me. I'm wearing my Firmoo Fashion Eye-Glasses again, do you guys already join Firmoo First Pair Free Program? Free glasses for your first purchase! Go visit their website! And, Oh! You guys see my arm candy down there? Those are from Abelle Shop, love it? I know you do!

Mar 18, 2013


SHIRT&DRESS. Being bored at this time, sitting on not-so-comfy office chair, stuck with a bunch of people who pretends super busy like there's no one can't stop them. Okay fine, excuse me. I'm not gonna let you guys read of how my super stress-full my Monday is. Just get back to the outfit for today. Yay, I guess?

I catched up with this Collar Dress from Zipper&Lace, I love it! It's so me, I think. Well, even though it really looks like I gain more weigh because of the ruffle on my waist. (Or, am I?) So I decided to use my big white shirt to cover it up. Completed it with black zipper tights and 'stealing' my mommy's boots again! Voila!

Mar 11, 2013


FIRMOO FASHION GLASSES. I've just watched Oz: The Great & Powerful, yesterday. And it was amazing! The pictures, colors, fantasy, fairy tale, happily ever after... HA, bite me. You guys know that I'm a big fan of Disney things or something quite like that. So excuse me for being a little excessive.

So, enough been amazed by a movie. I'll introduce you to this Global Online Optical Store, Firmoo. It's an online store that sells many type of Women's Glasses, Men's Glasses, RX Sunglasses, and more. (The hot items is Classic Series.) Have you heard of them? I guess you have. Firmoo also serves many frame varieties of glasses, such as rectangle frames, square frames, round frames, oval frames, aviator frames, and wayfarer frames. Cool, huh? They also have many type of Fashion Glasses and F-Designer Glasses that has a High-End-Quality and absolutely with an affordable price. Well, I'm telling you guys, this fashion glasses that I wore for this post is so comfortable to wear.  Most importantly, it easy to pair of for many outfit, I think this is a plus for us fashion blogger.

And do you guys know the best part is? Firmoo is having a First Pair Free Program for you new customer! Exciting, huh? Firmoo will give you one pair of glasses complimented with 1.50 index single vision lenses. (For new customer only, one pair per person) All you need to do is pay for the shipping. The free glasses list will updated irregularly, so stay close to Firmoo's Facebook, Twitter, and Firmoo Blog. So what are you guys waitng for? Go click their website and get your free glasses, now! (For more information about shipping&tracking, exchange&returns, payments or else, simply click here.)

Mar 8, 2013


STUNNING PARIS. Fashion Week was over! So many collections that absolutely awesomely breathtaking for this fall ready-to-wear. Now, it's time for Paris Fashiion Week 's recap! *drumroll* (All images courtesy of, you can visit their website for full collections).

For me, fashion week in this city was always a winner for time to time. Why? Come on, there's a lot famous brand in this city. C├ędric Charlier (you can see the collage above and below), Undercover, Christian Dior, Isabel Marant, Chanel, Louis Vuitton, Miumiu, oh well, you named it. I mean, I just want to grab them all, don't you? And still, yeah you what I'm  gonna say if you seen my fashion weeks recap before, yes yes, Cara Delevingne was always blew me away, beware for more pictures of her! Happy Friday you guys! xx

Mar 5, 2013


WOOF WOOF. HA! I finally own a wolf tee, just got it from Zara-Trafaluc while its on sale, I don't know why those tee just keep hangin' on those rack and no one catch 'em. Well, its only available on size M and a liiiiittle big for me (yes, I kept bought it thou) but I mean, seriously? Seriously people? *sigh, and... excuse me for this.

You see my shoes here? It's my mom's actually, from Icon Ninety Nine, bite me because all items in that store is just IDR 130.000 or maybe around $13 or $14? I open my closet keep searching something that I don't know what am I looking for, and randomly found my old, super old (this explain why the shape is so not-today-fashion, I guess?) denim skirt. So, why not grab it and wear it for an outfit post?

Mar 2, 2013


LONDON & MILAN. Yes, I'm giving you two recap in one article. Why? 'Cause I feel I've been late behind, because everyone is talking about Paris now. Well, excuse me. All collage I gave you in this article is edited by me and images source by, you can see the whole collection just by clicking here.

London, yes, Jean-Pierre Baganza (you can see the collage above and below), John Rocha, Mario Schwab, Mulberry, Moschino Cheap&Chic, Topshop Unique, and more. But most of all, Burberry Prosum still the best! I always love the whole colections and always (of course) lovin' Christopher Bailey! (Oh come on, who doesn't?) And then, straight to Milan, Eva & Roberto Cavalli always and always blow me away, there's no excuse to not loving their collections for Just Cavalli & Roberto Cavalli. I know, right? Curious? Well, keep scrolling! (Oh, and as you already seen my NYFW recap article, you must have known the similarity on this article, what? YES, Cara Delevingne is still the best and you'll see a lot of photos of her during the fashionweek here. Just sayin, well I'm obsessed.) Happy Weekend you guys! xx