Feb 23, 2015


SHADES OF GREY. No, it's not what you think it is. It's not a post about 50 Shades of Grey film. Also, I haven't watch that movie yet. Plus, it's not airing in Indonesia, either. Doh. Like, seriously?

If you guys been following my instagram: @czles. You guys know that what I wear here is what I wore on CNY day, 4 days ago. Like I said there, I don't do red for CNY, I do black, white, or maybe grey? Lol. So, I was wearing this Jersey Tied Dress from Apparel After Dark, in grey. I loooove it too much, already wore it twice, lol. I love all AAD's collection for sure. Their design suits me so well. So proud of this girl: Amelia Bunjamin. The girl behind AAD. You guys can see the whole collection on their instagram: @apparelafterdark, or their website: www.apparelafterdark.com, also AAD's now available at Bobobobo.com! How cool is that.

I paired the whole look with my new Slogan Sneakers from my favorite Zara. Yes, I'm a Zara's freak. I seriously can't control myself when I open their website. So yes, I've lost. Someone save me.

Well I think that's all for today, hope you guys enjoy the shots and 'till the next post! Happy Monday-post! Kisses! xx

Feb 16, 2015


RIPPED JEANS 2.0. Taylor's Style song is on repeat on my playlist lately. I know there's so many ppl judging her and her song, but yes, haters gonna hate. I'm not Taylor freak or #Taysteam or whatever. I just love all of her song and she's so freakin pretty. Love her signature red lips!

Moooovin' to my outfit. First, sorry for the bad quality pics and I don;t have any excuses, so whatever. Here I'm wearing same brand as my last week post. @Runway_ID top with @Sysclothier ripped denim shorts. I'm so in love with this shorts seriously! Paired it up with my long black cardigan, because there's always one black thing on my outfit, lol. Put some bandana and my boots on, and there's one lazy-basic look!

Well that's all for today, hope you guys enjoy the shots. 3 more days to CNY and it's my first year as a mom, am so excited! 'Till the next post, Happy Monday-post! xx

Feb 9, 2015


PONYTAIL. Ariana Grande, much? Lol! I think she's so cute, really cute, so why not trying' her signature ponytail, even mine is wayyyyy to short than her. Well, hello! I'm back and stuck laying on my bed, right now, with my little dude in my arms. Heavy rain since last night and still counting, even more heavier. Jakarta's on flood. It's always flooding here right before CNY, well I guess it's a tradition now.

Enough for the rain-talk. I wore this look to my Valerie's birthday tea-party at Bradley's British Tea House, last Saturday. That Bradley's place is soooo comfy! I'm enjoying my time there with some of cute snacks and drinks, also with my blogger-babes and Ron. Recommended place to all of you here in Jakarta!

For my outfit, I wore this top that I got from @Runway_id, again, I just can't get enough of the shape. Paired it up with my new ripped jeans in my fav colour from @Sysclothier. Well, who can say no to black? Not me!

I guess that's enough for today, and 'til the next post! I hope the weather can calm for awhile. Happy Monday-post! xx