Feb 26, 2014


SHOES! You guys know how mush I'm obsessed with shoes, right? So here I am! Me and RoseWholesale team will definitely giving you, one lucky winner, one pair of shoes from www.RoseWholesale.com! How awesome is that? Even I'm too excited about this.

You guys remember my stripes shoes (photo below) from my "Stay The Night" article, right? Yes, you guys already know that awesome stripes shoes I've got from RoseWholesale is a lover! So what are you waiting for? You guys want some too, right? Click the jumpbreak, Read More to know more!

Feb 17, 2014


PARENTAL ADVISORY. I'm just being a lazy and not-so-busy blogger last week, seriously, that's why there's no post last week. I'm still lazy now tho. It's Fashion Week season already, NY has already past and there's London, but I'm so freakin' lazy to do some recap (which I'm usually workin' my ass of for some great fashion week recap), I've just got distracted by all of Korean Dramas. Too busy buffering on internet, too busy drooling all over the story. Gosh, I must be insane.

Okay, for this week Monday-post, I'm wearing my new coolest top ever from @jessnasthasja (check her out on instagram!), Indonesia's online shop on Instagram comunity. This Wang inspired top is seriously cool, I love the mesh details and those fleece fabric accent is really a perfect combination. *happy* Matched my top with my all-time Forever 21 leather jacket and white short from ABOCS, then grab my wedges-boots. Also, combine all items with my new dice necklace and black backpack from Mart Of China (I love this backpack so much!) and there's the look! Hope you enjoy the photos and I'll come back with (I hope I'm not too lazy, lol) my FW recap and (yes!) an international giveaway for all of you my readers! It's been a long time, right? Just wait and 'till the next post! Happy Monday-post! xx

Feb 6, 2014


STRIPES 2 POINT 0. "Are you gonna stay the night..." No, Hayley's voice is staying not only for the night, but for months. I've always being paralyzed by her voice. Seriously. I love her so much! No doubt. (Too excited...) Well then, I know I missed my Monday-post this week, and here I am, showing you another look, while flooding is going back to hit Jakarta once again (seriously, I'm tired and sick of this over and over and over rains... Yes. RainS.) Come on, just stahhppp rain stahhppppppp.....

Besides my frustrating feeling about this sky waterfall, let's talk about my outfit now. I got another new shoes (and bag!) *yeay me!* These babies showed up on my doorstep, (when it's not flooding of course) last week. I couldn't be more happier when I open up this RoseWholesale package. The shoes is just perfectly same as my fantasy. I love it too much! I really in love with it's stripes prints. Who's not? Plus, they gave me another lover. You guys knew how much I love mini bag, since it so easy to carry on. This mini black bag showed up perfectly wrapped along with the shoes. Couldn't be more happier with RoseWholesale, right?

For you guys who doesn't know about RoseWholesale, let me tell you this. RoseWholesale is a leading international online fashion clothing store. They sell a lot of great stuff with an affordable prices. From women's clothes to men's clothes, to jewelry, bag, and of course, shoes. I find it interesting when I take a look at their product, I think they a little different from another wholesale webstore. I love their website look which making us very easy to 'eye-shopping' on their website, and of course, you will not regret when your package arrived at your doorstep, like me! Lol.

I think I've talk too much here, I'm always that excited I guess, lol. Well, I hope you guys enjoy the shots and don't forget to go to their website: www.RoseWholesale.com. 'Till the next post, Happy Thursday-post! xx