Oct 7, 2013


PARIS. Fashion Month for S/S 2014 RTW was finished already, so it's time for the last recap of it, here we are for Paris! My love for this city is always growing every time I started to think about it, and for me, Paris is always the winner for a fashion month. Well, are you ready?

Day one. I can't take my eyes off from PIECE D'ANARCHIVE (photo above) and ANTHONY VACCARELLO (photo below). Those squares details on Piece d'Anarchive collections is just amazing, and those shoes? You guys can't ever say 'no', aight? Vaccarello's S/S2014 collections is a lover. Those triangle cuts for those beautiful skirts were just perfect for the next spring. Want to see more? Click the jumpbreak and drool more!

The next day, UNDERCOVER was blowing people's mind away. I've just simply fell in love with those leather skirt , those shoes, and also those LED words T-Shirt. *amazed* FELIPE OLIVEIRA BAPTISTA and GUY LAROCHE was doing so well with those warming and comfy-ing colors, like white, grey, or black. Felipe's suits and Laroche's matching hoodie and skirt is definitely on my list!

Day three from Paris, BALENCIAGA is on my top list. Well, Alexander Wang never disappointing people. Those skirts and those shorts are the comfiest one ever. Also, those sunglasses is having such an amazing details. I think BARBARA BUI and CARVEN was having the same feeling for their new collections, I mean, if you combine those two collections together (like I did below) they were like meant for each other. Besides, I love Bui's suits and jacket, also Carven's asymmetric skirt, just, look at those details! So inspiring. I've just really notice ANN DEMEULEMEESTER these days, and I think those new collections is really breathtaking. Those details on every models head was making the collections even more dramatic and also, expensive. LANVIN also giving the expensive looks for their new collections, those shiny fabrics and those petite black dress is my favorites.

 BARBARA BUI ( 1-3 ) - CARVEN ( 4,5 )


Moving on to the next day, CHRISTIAN DIOR, MAISON MARTIN MARGIELA, and ROLAND MOURET was the coolest three that day. Green details on Dior and Mouret 's collections is mt favorites, also, sleeves details on Margiela's dress is making a different in a good way. ISABEL MARANT and JAY AHR was the elegant two that day, those black-and-white and those shapes-and-cuts on every single pieces is so breathtaking.

ISABEL MARANT ( 1,2 ) - JAY AHR ( 3,4 )

Next day. Both MAIYET and VIKTOR&ROLF was the amazing two. Those amazing flawless dress on Maiyet and the modern 'schoolgirl' inspire on Viktor&Rolf was catching people's attentions for sure. NEIL BARRET and VÉRONIQUE LEROY was the cleanest ever. I just love those Barret's sweathsirt, with those perfectly comfiest fabric, so soft, and of course, clean. Leroy's knotted skirt is on my bucket list. Yes, it's reminds me to a towel for a shower, but in a good way, I think those knotted skirts is so adorable, seriously adorable.

 MAIYET ( 1,2 ) - VIKTOR&ROLF ( 3,4 )


Next day. CÉLINE and CHLOÉ. This C duo was having the loveliest yet flawlessly amazing collections. Those skirts on their collections is a major. Those fabrics and detail make the collections more fierce. Especially, those sleeves details on Chloé's blue dress (below), is my favorite ever. Inspired by the ocean, KENZO nailed the collections. "No Fish, No Nothing" slogan on Kenzo's tee is my favorite, because it designed for the Blue Marine Foundation, which as I heard, there's an ocean's problem at California. JOHN GALLIANO 's collections always fun. You can see it on their new collections, those shoes, yes, those shoes, so eye-catchy. Those cuts on every single pieces of those dresses and those shoes was really amazed people's eyes.

Expensive, is the only word for MAXIME SIMOËNS and GIVENCHY. Those amazing shapes and cuts, with those awesome detailingSimoëns's zipper details and skirts is the coolest. And I can't take my eyes off from Givenchy's dresse, so fun but creating an expensive look.

 CÉLINE ( 1,2 ) - CHLOÉ ( 3,4 )

 KENZO ( 1,2 ) - JOHN GALLIANO ( 3,4 )


Moving on to the next day, yes, it's itme for ELIE SAAB. Saab is the one that I've been waiting for, and he's never disappointing people. Saab's came out with so many different colors like usually, and here, I'm giving you my favorite 5 in many different colors. As you can see, those deatils on Saab's collections was never wrong. SAINT LAURENT 's new collections is so fierce. Those one sleeves details is so cool and I really want to have the black leather one. So cool!

Next day on October 1st, CHANEL and VALENTINO are my two favorite. As the first walker, Cara Delevingne fierceness makes the Chanel runway more amazing from the start. As usual, Chanel comfy tweeds collections is a sweetheart. Karl always giving the best details for Chanel collections, so lovely. Valentino's collection always dramatic, yet breathtaking. You must their collections so close, those amazing details is freakin' me out. So sharp and mind blowing.

CHANEL ( 1,2 ) - VALENTINO ( 3,4 )

Last day for Paris S/S 2014 RTW Fashion Week, also last day for S/S 2014 RTW Fashion Month. LOUIS VUITTON was the coolest, the amazing, the beyond breathtaking, and the sexiest fierceness one. The set on Vuitton's new collections was so cool. Those collections was the last collections from Marc Jacob for Louis Vuitton. Yes, he's no longer designing for Vuitton, so sad. That's the reason I put Marc's picture below. He's the sexiest man designer ever.

ZADIG & VOLTAIRE collections was amazing too. Those leather jackets and dresses are definitely my favorites. The shape are just perfectly perfect. MIU MIU and HERMÈS was the comfiest that day. Miu Miu's coat and colors was definitely on my list, those pastel colors is just too perfect for Spring, and those midi skirt on Hermès new collections are the sweetest thing for starting the new season.

So, that's the wrap for the S/S 2014 fashion month recap! (You guys can also see the recap for NY, London, and Milan.) Hope you guys enjoy my reviews, and 'till the next outfit post! Happy Monday-post! xx

MIU MIU ( 1,2 ) - HERMÈS ( 3,4 )

Images Source: www.Style.com
Edited: Bernadette Czle



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  6. My fave was LV, so sad about the MArc Jacobs goodbye :((


  7. My fave was LV, so sad about the MArc Jacobs goodbye :((


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