Oct 9, 2012


KEEP IT SIMPLE. That's right, just one piece of black dress always make a simple yet elegant look. I took the shot yesterday, before I go on a movie date with Ron and having a great-time karaoke with my mom. Oh, have you guys already watching Taken 2 ? I love it, maybe is because I like that kind of action thing movie. How about you? ;)

Back to the outfit. 'Catalog' was definitely the only word that I had when I look at my own pose in this shot, I don't know if, well maybe I'm too posey or something? Whatever. I'm wearing my new simple layered black dress, matched up with golden accents on  my necklace and my clutch (founded on my mom's closet, yeay!). Ended it up with my Farishfs babies, thanks to Novarinna and Maiia Chung. Hope you like it!

CIN Black Dress / WOMEN AIRLINES Necklace / MOM'S CLOSET Belt & Clutch / FARISHFS Shoes


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  1. You look gorgeous with layered black dress and of course that shoes <333

  2. Love the gold statement necklace! Gorgeous!

    Jennie xox xox