Aug 6, 2012


STUDDS & SPIKES. As you all know, Studds & Spikes are just being a worldwide trendsetter lately. Well, don't have to lie ladies, this creature's just made a special gorgeous effect for a fashionable woman like us! So, I just want to share you guys some of my favourite (and wishlist!) studded&spikes things! Hope somebody send me all these things! Hahaha! Anw, enjoy!

All-Over Spiked Cape (Rivet + Leather = Strong Collection - Newest Collection) - Romwe for $31.39

Assymetric Spikes Earrings (Rivet + Leather = Strong Collection - Newest Collection) - Romwe for $11.99

All-Over Spike Design Bra (Rivet + Leather = Strong Collection - Newest Collection) - Romwe for $35.50

Multi Spike Charm Layered Necklace (Rivet + Leather = Strong Collection - Newest Collection) - Romwe $19.30

Rivets Detailed Metalic Skirt - Romwe for $44.64 (yes, it's on sale!)

Multi-rivet Design Holdall (Rivet + Leather = Strong Collection - Newest Collection) - Romwe for $79.76

Ballerina With Jewel Zara for IDR 1.000.000

Studded Ankle Strap Sandal - Zara for IDR 900.000
(Geez! This is my Zara favourite! *breathtaking*)

(This JC kill! *major love*)




RON'S WISHLIST. Well, well, I've just renew my August Wishlist post for my boyf.  (We're gonna have a birthday this month!) When Ron sees my August Wishlist post yesterday, he's got jealous and he want to make his August Wishlist too. Lol! So, I decided to write one for him. (fyi, he sents me 'his wishlist' by himself! Hahahaha <3) So, here's the result of Ron wishlist that he wants to all of you guys know!

1976 Ford Mustang Super Snake Elenaor GT500
(Just my fav on his wishlist!)

Hermès Arceau Grande Lune Watch

Manchester United Backpack
(It's Ron's fav team!)

Manchester United Black Rubber Bath-Duck
(I don't have any idea why he wants this rubber duck anw, maybe because it has ManU logo on it, perhaps?)

Ban Mein Noodles with Duck Egg
(Same as well, honey why on earth is this noodle got in into your monthly wishlist? Lol)



  1. I really love studs & spikes <3

    Love your list!!

  2. Wonderful outfit :D
    Right now is running on my blog international giveaway!!! Check and win!!!

  3. Oh, there are so many items that I would love to have - spike Litas <3

    Btw, your blog remind me a lot of Kayture's blog, which is strange. I think is the font and the way of writing.


    1. Hahaha yess, spike Lita is so <33

      Oh, really? I didn't notice it, I adore Kayture, but I'm blogging about what inside me, hehe yes, maybe because the type of writing which is not only Kayture had that type of writing hehe

      anw, thankyou for comments ;)

  4. i'm in love with studds&spikes too!

    want to follow each other? let me know :)

  5. Hello there, pretty girl, nice to meet you on IFB! I hope you can enjoy IFB so much, it is a very useful blog!

    The metallic skirt is do die for!!!!

    Well, have a funny blogging time and a wonderful day!