Sep 7, 2012


BEAUTIFUL SUNSET. After playing with monkeys and had "Nasi Betutu" for a lunch, we're heading to Tanah Lot Temple for a beautiful temple, beutiful sea, and also such a beautiful sunset.

Before the sunset, we're clearly walking around the temple, capture the nature of the ocean, and drink the coconut ice! It's so relaxing. At the under of the temple, you can see a holy water, and you must wash your face, hands, and drink the holy water to climb up the temple. After you do the cleaning thing, they'll give you flower for your left ear and signed you with a rice on your forehead. But unfortunately, you can't climbed up 'till the top of the temple, it's locked and only for worship. You also can see the beautifulllllllllll sea, damn beautiful sea. It's so clean and perfect with a clean blue sky. I took an outfit shoot in here because I really love the view and I also love the fact that my ombre hair is sooooo clear in this shoot! Haha..

After the sunnies from Emit Poise to catched up with the sun, I'm wearing a couple tee with Ron from Lionel Shop, and we're just look so Korean! The fact is, there's a tourist-couple greet me with a Korean Langguage, He said "Anyonghaseo" to me and ask if I was Korean because of this couple tee. Lol. Okay enough with a fake-tourist thing, I wore it with my favourite short from Cotton On -old (just sorry for wearing this short quite often, I can't help it!) a simple belt from Zipper&Lace, and my Rusty sandal as my first purhchase in Bali and my silvery nail polish from The Face Shop is so cool & shiny under ther sun!



EMIT POISE Sunnies / LIONEL SHOP Couple Tee & Belt / COTTON ON Ripped Denim Shorts / RUSTY Sandal / THE FACE SHOP Nail-Polish