Sep 8, 2012


SAFARI TIME! I'm so excited so excited sooo excited! Can't be more excited about something after 'shoes' of course! Lol. Day 3 in Bali, we're go to Bali Safari & Marine Park. Is still quite new for a safari park in Bali, because Bali already had one zoo named 'Bali Zoo'. But too bad I'm not going to that Zoo :( *sad face*

Anw! Here's the recap pictures (part one) of my Safari Journey Trip in Bali! Bali Safari only had animals from 3 different country, it's Afrika, India, and Indonesia. But still, it's many of them. You can see a White Tiger, Elephant, Hippo (I love HIppo!), Orang Utan, Monkey, Cheetah, Lion, Luwak, and much much more!

Bali Safari also have a hotel room, restaurant, park, pool, and a play ground. The restaurant (oh yes, the restaurant!) is so damn cool! You can eat your meal with The King! Yes, the lions! The restaurant were surrounded by the lions cage-park. So you can have your meal while the lions are watching you! But again, too bad I'm not eating there. *another sad face*

Enough with the sad face, I took an outfit shoot with the hotel room for the background *yeay*. I love it 'cause it so unique! It's really like a jungle! For a comfortable desire, I'm wearing Ripped Back Tee from Zipper&Lace, an old Flower Short , Mom's old Fendi Bag (yes, I steal it from my moms closet!) , Rusty sandal (again), completed it with Emit Poise's Sunnies and AccessorieStudio Butterfly Ring & Nic-Shop Ring.

I also have a dream to built my own zoo, and this trip just make me want want want to make my dream come true even more!!

Those Hedgehogs looks like Prada&Miu, I miss them right I saw this cute hedgehogs!

Hippppoooo! :3

Ron's pretending to be eaten by those bones -.-

EMIT POISE Sunnies / LA SENZA Bra / ZIPPER&LACE Ripped Top & Flower Shorts / ACCESSORIESTUDIO Butterfly Ring / NIC-SHOP Leaf Ring / FENDI Bag / RUSTY Sandal

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