Sep 10, 2012


ELEPHANT SHOW. Waiting this adorable elephants show, I'm taking a quick lunch with Ron, sweet-spicy grilled corn and 'Ketan Hitam' or you can say it Black Rice. Trust me, the grilled corn is so tasty!

The Elephant Show at Safari is just awesome. All the elephants is such a great actor/ess! They can walk with one leg lifted up, they can swim, they can play dead, and they can holding each other also! The show is trying to tell us about the less habitat for the Elephant in Kalimantan, Indonesia. Also, the violence between the elephant and human. The story is trying to teach us how important the forest for the habitat of the elephants which is almost burned out by the people there.

After the show, we're heading to Jimbaran beach for having seafood-dinner there. But unfortunately, all seafood restaurant was closed because Bali is celebrate The Galungan&Kuningan Day that day (is the feast day for Hindu people) , so we just relaxing at the Sunset Cafe at Jimbaran, eating a french fries and Italian Gazpacho, completed with strawberry milkshake. Life's good!

This Orang Utan is trying to drink a floor-cleaner! Luckily, before the bottle is opened, the guard can stop it right after seeing this adorable Orang Utan doing that tense moment. Phew!

The Barn Owl is on training. <3

The Elephant Show!

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