Sep 6, 2012


A LOT OF MONKEY. Bali Day 2, I'm going to Sangeh Monkey Forest. It's a huge park places by a lot of monkey, and when I said a lot, it's almost a thousands, and those monkeys are not tied in the cage, they're as free as you are there! Lol!

Like I mentioned before, such a huge park and a huge number of monkey, Sangeh Monkey Park also had a Pura inside (fyi: Pura is a place to pray for those Hindunesse people), they also had a huge long tree named "Pohon Lanang Wadon" (Pohon means "tree" -it's Indonesian langguage, Lanang means "male" and Wadon means "female" -it's Indonesian Javanesse Langguage) it called that because the tree just look like (sorry) a male and female 's sex.

Move along, you also can feed all the monkey with a lot of peanuts! Trust me, they love it! But, you can't over-show it to the monkey, because when they see that you have a lot of peanuts, they gonna chase you until you give them all! Lol.

So. here's the pictures I take from Sangeh Monkey Park, hope you enjoy and want to visit Bali soon! (And just wait for the outfit post soon!)

 (And this is "Nasi Ayam Betutu" I take after playing with monkeys -it's Balinesse food! You must try! So yummy for only IDR 7000 or maybe SGD $1!)

LIONEL SHOP Couple Tee & Belt / COTTON ON Ripped Denim Shorts / RUSTY Sandal

Sangeh Monkey Forest
Location: Sangeh Village, Abiansemal, Badung regrency.
Opening hours: 07.30 - 18.00



For those who doesn't know, OrangUtan is a rare species of animal from Indonesia, and it endagared on 2015/2016 beacuse their habitat is about to burned out by the Governor. For those who cares and love animals like I do, you can simply click on this link, and simply sign the petition.

Thankyou, your sign means a lot for them! <3

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