Dec 22, 2014


ALWAYS MY FAVOURITE. Yes, Black never go wrong, Black never fails. I think most of my outfit colour in this blog were dominated by this colour. Because, yes, you look skinnier, sometimes you look taller, there's so many advantages I think, that's why I love this colour so dan much. Whatever, I guess I'm just bluffing around, because I don't know what I have to write right now, so freakin' lazy.

Well, go on to my outfit. This, was I wore last wednesday to iFashionFestival 2014, it's literally a Fashion Show by Indonesian Top Designer, also, there were other country too. This event also dedicated to #MNCFashion channel 2nd anniversary, so, Happy Anniverssary MNCFashion!

I was wearing my new @Runway_id Mesh Tee in Black. So in love with this one! Told' ya', black makes you skinnier sometimes, and this one, works! Lol. Paired it up with my old skirt and blazer, also, my new Zara bag! So I hope you guys enjoy the shots. That's all for to today! 'Till' the next post, Happy Monday-post! xx

@RUNWAY_ID Mesh Tee in Black / H&M Blazer / QSA Hardwear Skirt / ZARA Studded Office City Bag in Mini / WHOLESALE IT ONLINE Boots